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28 Jan

An Engineering Marvel: The London Underground Celebrates 150th Anniversary

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It’s not an overstatement to say that public transportation played an enormous role in how major cities today are currently constructed. Imagine what trying to move across town would be like in major metropolises like New York, Chicago, Tokyo, or London if everybody had to drive. Instead, public transportation has provided hundreds of millions of people… Read More »

4 Jan

11 Great Reasons to Live in the US

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You may be considering moving you and your family to the US because you’ve finally had enough of the European weather. Perhaps you are having trouble persuading the rest of the family to follow suit or convincing work colleagues that you haven’t gone completely mad. Allow us to help by giving you 11 great reasons… Read More »

31 Dec

The Story of Coffee

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Coffee has been a major fabric of almost every society for hundreds of years. While the true story of coffee origins is nearly impossible to know, popular legend puts its discovery as far back as the 9th century. The legend indicates that goat herders from the highlands of Ethiopia discovered the energetic effects of coffee… Read More »