Think You’re Tough? Try Living In Your Car

Think You're Tough? Try Living In Your Car

Ever looked at your car and thought “Hmmm, that looks like a comfy place to sleep”? If not, perhaps you’re quite a sensible person, but if you have then you clearly like adventure (or self-enforced hardship). There’s nothing wrong with being a bit strange sometimes, and while the notion of living in your car may… Read More »

4 Creative Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Record Collection

4 Creative Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Record Collection

Collecting all of your favorite albums on vinyl is a really rewarding hobby. Unfortunately, unlike a digital music collection, over time, space will become a real issue for you. You can always get storage boxes for your old record collection, but eventually, you’ll run out of space for those, too. Throwing them out seems like such a… Read More »

The Story Of Coffee

The Story of Coffee

Coffee has been a major fabric of almost every society for hundreds of years. While the true story of coffee origins is nearly impossible to know, popular legend puts its discovery as far back as the 9th century. The legend indicates that goat herders from the highlands of Ethiopia discovered the energetic effects of coffee… Read More »

Interesting Facts About Indian Railways

Interesting Facts About Indian Railways

Indian Railways, the ‘Lifeline of the Nation’, has been around for the past 150 years. The very first Indian locomotive ran over a stretch of 21 miles from Bombay to Thane on the 16th of April 1853. Indian Railways is a state-owned enterprise headed by the Ministry of Railways and employs a staggering 1.4 million… Read More »

Best Hoax Creatures Ever

Best Hoax Creatures Ever

You do not have to travel all the way to Loch Ness to see the beast, or the plains of South Dakota to capture ‘Big Foot’. Mythical creatures and weird beasts and beings have been around for as long as humanity has had imagination. There is even a pseudoscience field for the study of creatures… Read More »

The Origin Of Horoscopes

The Origin of Horoscopes

People have been looking to the stars to help them survive for thousands of years. Ancient tribes used the stars to predict the weather, and help them decide when it was time to plant their crops. Other civilizations prayed to the sun, moon, and stars as gods, believing they had influence over their lives, while… Read More »