4 Creative Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Record Collection

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 27th, 2019

Creative Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Record Collection

Collecting all of your favorite albums on vinyl is a really rewarding hobby. Unfortunately, unlike a digital music collection, over time, space will become a real issue for you. You can always get storage boxes for your old record collection, but eventually, you’ll run out of space for those, too. Throwing them out seems like such a waste. Luckily, there are many innovative ways to recycle your old records and find new uses for them. Unfortunately, these don’t apply to CDs – but then again, you could just sell those on sites like www.musicmagpie.com.


1. Try And Sell Your Old Vinyl Records

sell your old vinyl records

No one should ever throw their old record collection away. You could always get something out of them or at the very least, make some other music collector happy. If you have absolutely loads of them, it might be worth organizing a yard sale of sorts, so your neighbors and passers-by can have a quick gander at your collection.

If you don’t have the means or space to organize a yard sale, take your unwanted records, in batches if necessary, to record stores in town. One man’s trash is another’s treasure – someone might want to pay a little extra for what you’ve got.


2. Shingle Your Roof

old vinyl records roof

This method is for those who love getting involved with a bit of DIY. It also applies to those who might have hundreds of vinyl records to get rid of. A jazz musician from Nashville, Matt Glassmeyer, decided to make a roof for his porch by using all of his old records.

Of course, certain conditions are necessary before you embark on this venture, aside from having loads of old records at your disposal. It’s probably not best if you live in an area that gets a lot of cold weather, for instance – particularly snow.


3. Turn Your Records Into Art

amazing vinyl records art

There are plenty of artistic and creative things you can do with your old vinyl records. If your house is lacking in bowls, for instance, you don’t need to spend extra money on buying new ones. Go online to find out details on how to use your oven to craft your record into a funky-looking bowl – remember, though, there will be a tiny hole at the bottom that needs filling!

Other things you could make with old records include coasters, vinyl-bling, stencils, or even a vinyl clock.


4. Recycle The Covers, Too

recycle album covers

If you’ve managed to find uses for your old record collection, it’s probably time to turn your attention to the album covers. You can craft cool bags out of them, recycle them, or stick them up on the wall if you like the album art.

You could even get loads of them together and have your kids cut shapes out of them to make a collage.