15 DC Characters Stolen From Marvel Comics

DC Characters Stolen From Marvel Comics

In a previously written article, it was revealed how Marvel Comics has a habit of blatantly using their rival DC as a source of inspiration for several of their iconic characters but it turns out that the game can be played both ways. The shoe is on the other foot so take a look at… Read More »

15 Greatest Realistic Batman Villains Of All Time

Greatest Realistic Batman Villains of All Time

The beauty of Batman and his adventures rests upon the presentation of realism. Having no superpowers and relying upon his intellect, combat skills, and various gadgets, The Dark Knight is by all means not exactly a superhero but a detective. With the most famous rogues gallery to combat, several baddies exhibit realism as well. Forget… Read More »

15 Best Comic Book Anti-Heroes Of All Time

15 Best Comic Book Anti-Heroes of All Time

Though superheroes spend day and day out fighting crimes and stopping bad guys, anti-heroes have a class of their own. Infamous and even adored for doing non-heroic antics for a heroic cause, take a look at the 15 best comic book anti-heroes of all time:   15. Deadshot Originally introduced as a supervillain, Floyd Lawton… Read More »

15 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done

Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done

As a character who knows no compassion nor humanity, the Joker is a deadly outlaw who can make anyone’s life a living hell by doing the worst stuff ever. Being one of the most iconic characters of all time, it is certainly devastating to know how many lines the Clown Prince of Crime has crossed… Read More »

15 Most Perfect Comic Book Movie Castings Till Date

Most Perfect Comic Book Movie Castings Till Date

The movie adaptation of comic books is the biggest money-making machine of Hollywood these days. It is not easy to translate comic book stories into films unless careful casting decisions are done to make sure the characters are portrayed with justice. The following are the 15 most perfect comic book movie castings to date:  … Read More »

15 Greatest Female Superheroes Of All Time

Greatest Female Superheroes of All Time

Everybody admires superheroes. They stand as a symbol of bravery, justice, and freedom. With the rise of superhero films in modern-day Hollywood, it is interesting to see how many crime fighters from comic books have been adapted to the silver screen. Though many of them are male, let’s flip the page and see their female… Read More »