Top 15 Comic Book Villains Of All Time

Top 15 Comic Book Villains of all Time

Superheroes, mutants, and other men in tights have always been a source of inspiration for youth and adults alike. However, with the good, comes the bad – you cannot have one without the other. Their foes have also contributed a lot to their noteworthy stature and are no less than any entity responsible for global… Read More »

Top 20 Rare Facts About Batman

Top 20 Rare Facts About Batman

Long before Nick Fury assembled the Avengers or when James Howlett went on a rampage as the mutant Wolverine with his adamantium skeleton, one superhero reached out to the world; convincing them that even the greatest superhero to walk the face of the earth can be just like a common man – without any superpower…. Read More »

The Worst Comic Book Characters Of All Time

The Worst Comic Book Characters of All Time

There are great comic book characters; legends and archetypal heroes that represent some indefinable quality to last through the ages. Then, there are poor comic book characters; fads, and one-shots that may be embraced at the time but inevitably fade from the public consciousness. These characters fit in neither category. With the lamest powers, stories,… Read More »