Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Bullied As Children

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Bullied As Children

It is surprising, how many famous and successful celebrities were treated as misfits and were rejected by their peers during their school years. That is when you realize that confidence does not stem from external approval, but comes with accepting and appreciating yourself no matter what. Lets have a look at the top 10 celebrities who were bullied as children:


10. Rihanna

Rihana a Barbadian Singer And Songwriter

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The pop star had a troubled childhood. Her father was alcoholic and a drug addict, who used to beat her mother. After a long and difficult separation, the peace was restored at home, yet ills continued at school, where children abused her for a number of reasons, starting with her green eyes and complexion that was considered too pale back in her homeland in Barbados, and ending with her figure. Today Rihanna absolutely got over the bullying, and she is grateful for the experience that made her stronger.

These stories all have a happy ending and hopefully will be an inspiration for those who are not yet feel accepted. They also serve as a reminder to parents and educators about how cruel the children can be to those who are slightly different.


9. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Bullied As Children

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It’s hard to believe that anyone would dare to pick on someone so well-versed in martial arts, however, there were times when little Jackie Chan was too timid to stand up for himself. He remembers that he was terrified of bullies and did not know how to stand up for himself.

The tipping point came when he plucked up to defend another student that was being bullied in front of him. Indeed, from kindness comes courage!


8. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet an English Actress And Singer

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Kate Winslet never concealed the fact, that she was a chubby kid and suffered harassment and name-calling because of that. However, the topic was brought up again lately, because her teachers denied the fact of bullying. They say she was an achieving pupil and was friends with all the children.

Kate attributes this ignorance to the fact that victims of bullying are intimidated and isolated, so they do not speak up on their misery. She only confided in one teacher, who helped her through the hard time. Kate stresses the importance of this support and hopes that every bullied child will have it.


7. Robert Pattinson

A very Versatile Personality Robert Pattinson

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This famous heartthrob also confesses to having been unpopular at school. His early passion for acting was perceived as pretentiousness by the classmates, so he “got beaten up by a lot of people”.  Over the years Robert has learned to channel this experience to incarnate rebellious and aggressive characters.

“It’s quite cathartic… letting all your rage go on the set,”

admits the actor.


6. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham famous celebrities who were bullied

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Children can be very mean, and Victoria knows it better than anyone. Bullies targeted her for being skinny, and for a gap in her front teeth, yet took it further and made her into a scapegoat. They used to throw dirt at her, push her around and make threats.

“It was miserable, my whole schooling, miserable,”

recalls Victoria.

Maybe that is why she is so strict and protective when it comes to her own children. For her eldest son, Brooklyn, she sets rules concerning online security and monitors everything he posts, so together with his younger siblings, Brooklyn is known for his impeccable behavior.