15 Celebrities Who Play an Instrument

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15 Celebrities Who Play an Instrument

Celebrities are few of the most talented people in the world but that does not mean they are limited to their fields. Among several ones having a hidden talent, it is amazing to see how many of them can play an instrument and are capable of having a second career in music. Take a look at the following 15 celebrities who play an instrument:


15. Chevy Chase (Drums)

Chevy Chase can Play Drums

Image Source: psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com

The American comedian and actor is best known for his appearances in the inaugural season of Saturday Night Live and his own late-night talk show The Chevy Chase Show but if there is one thing more to Chevy Chase is the fact that he can play the drums.

During college, he formed a jazz band with future celebrities Walter Becker and Donald Fagen named The Leather Canary. The two later started a career in music together by forming the band Steely Dan but Chase did not join.

However, the comedian did release one album with the rock band Chameleon Chruch in which he played the drums and keyboards.


14. Halle Berry (Flute)

Halle Berry Can Play Flute

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Once among the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, Halle Berry is one talented diva. A former fashion model, Halle Berry has done wonders in her career such as being the only woman of color to win the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Best known for her performances as Leticia Musgrove in Monster’s Ball and Ororo Munroe aka Storm in the X-Men franchise, it is definitely interesting to know that the actress used to play the flute when she was in school.


13. Steve Martin (Banjo)

Steve Martin Knows How To Play Banjo

Image Source: dallasnews.com

The stand-up comedian is as great in acting as he is in music. Learning to play the banjo since the age of 17, Steve Martin was the student of John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Martin even won a Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance by doing a remake of the song Foggy Mountain Breakdown with his banjo. Regularly playing at jazz festivals, the comedian has even performed in Carnegie Hall.


12. Julia Roberts (Clarinet)

Julia Roberts Knows How To Play Clarinet

Image Source: ellentv.com

Nominated for four Academy Awards and winning one, Julia Roberts certainly had a lot of choices to take when she was young. As a child, the actress wanted to be a veterinarian and might have even though about a career in music since she played the clarinet in her school band.

Nevertheless, it can be safely assumed that acting was perhaps the best choice for her career. As a matter of fact, Roberts was the highest paid actress in the world from 1990’s till mid 2000’s and has a net worth of estimated $140 million.


11. Hugh Laurie (Piano)

Hugh Laurie Actor Playing Piano

A perfectionist in his field, Hugh Laurie is best known for his role of Dr. Gregory House in the television show House for which he earned the 2011 Guinness World Record as the most-watched leading man and one of the highest-paid actors on television.

Apart from his acting success, Laurie has a great and successful second career in music. He is a singer and plays the guitar, harmonica, drums and saxophone but he’s best at playing the piano. He took lessons of the instrument since the age of six and has also released two blues and jazz albums.


10. Bill Clinton (Saxophone)

Bill Clinton Playing Sexophone

The 42nd President of the United States of America has taken actions throughout his career which spoke louder than words but things could have taken a totally different direction if Bill Clinton chose a career in music.

The former President can play the saxophone and was really good at it but realizing he could never be great as John Coltrane or Stan Getz, Clinton began to plan something else for his life.

Not hiding his love for the instrument, Clinton has played the saxophone from time to time. In one particular moment, Clinton played the instrument on The Arsenio Hall Show and was described by few religious conservatives as “the MTV president.”


9. Bruce Willis (Harmonica)

Bruce Willis Playing Harmonica

Beginning his career on the Off-Broadway stage and eventually landing some television roles and finally movie deals, Bruce Willis is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood today.

The two-time Emmy Award winner has another talent besides acting as well. Willis can play a mean harmonica and once demonstrated it in his appearance on Saturday Night Live.


8. Mahatma Gandhi (Concertina)

Mahatma Gandhi Knew How To Play Concertina

The non-violent Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi is a man of many individualities, but can “musician” be among them? Believe it or not, Gandhi could play the concertina.

Impressed by classical Indian dramas, the leader of the Indian Independence movement often reiterated the melodious tunes as Gandhi states,

“The melting tune moved me deeply, and I played it on a concertina which my father had purchased for me.”