15 Best Anthony Hopkins Movies Of All Time

POSTED BY Tooba Ahmad, UPDATED ON January 30th, 2024
Best Anthony Hopkins Movies of All Time

From playing demented villains to truly inspiring characters, Sir Phillip Anthony Hopkins is one of Hollywood’s finest. Arguably he is the most decorated actor of all time. He is an exceptionally dedicated actor, known for memorizing his lines perfectly and improvising them to create some of the best on-screen moments ever. A number of real-life individuals (including Adolf Hitler) have been perfectly enacted by Hopkins thanks to his exceptional talent of mimicry. Here are the 15 best Anthony Hopkins movies of all time:


15. Proof (2005)

Best Anthony Hopkins Movie Proof 2005

Anthony Hopkins wonderfully plays the role of a loving father and a genius mathematician with mental illness overcoming him. This movie revolves around a girl who is trying to follow in her late father’s footsteps but could be going too far as to inherit his mental illness. Making it more complicated is her father’s former student and her well-put sister.

This movie was praised by critics for its mathematical accuracy and for explicitly depicting the thin line between genius and insanity.


14. The Bounty (1984)

The Bounty 1984

The Bounty is a masterclass of a movie set in the late 1780s timeline. It’s based on a real-life British voyage of two men leading their comrades to safety, one away from home and the other towards home. Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins pair up as the two main roles in the film, giving us this incredible set piece.

Hopkins brought his first-class acting skills in the form of a cruel captain and later on as an inspiring leader. Gibson received some negative reviews for his performance but Hopkins received a plethora of applause for his showcase of skills.


13. The Edge (1997)

Best Anthony Hopkins Flick The Edge 1997

This thriller keeps the audience on the edge the entire time making them go through a range of emotions from the start to the end. The story portrayed two men lost in the jungle with a gigantic bear on their tails, amidst their problems. Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins team up to bring us this classic thriller.

Hopkins brings the character of a rich survivor to life with his acting skills earning the movie many positive reviews.


12. Red Dragon (2002)

Red Dragon 2002

Based on Thomas Harris’ novel and the prequel to the infamous ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, Universal Pictures brings you this nerve-wracking thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton as leads.

Hopkins puts life into the role of Hannibal Lecter, an imprisoned cannibal serial killer, who assists an FBI agent in capturing another ruthless serial killer on the loose.


11. Fracture (2007)

Fracture 2007

Films and series adapting to trials and laws are always well anticipated. This is the perfect scenario to capture mystery, fear, and yes, plot twists.

With an open and shut case at his hand, Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) is all set to leave his glory days as a district attorney behind and start his new life with the high ballers in a private law firm. What Willy doesn’t know is that his worthy adversary is going to be the killer himself, Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) makes it dawn on Willy that this case isn’t going to be what he expected.

A brilliant spectacle is put up by both actors.  As always Hopkins lives up to his reputation. Hopkins can be seen acting with distinguished confidence even though the case many might expect is obvious. He encompasses a patient and relaxed personality which adds to the mystery stirred up by this courtroom thriller.


10. Nixon (1995)

Best Anthony Hopkins Film Nixon 1995

Hopkins is Richard Nixon the 37th president of the USA. This contradictory character is flawlessly played by the actor. The movie puts all the important events of Nixon’s life from a young Quaker boy to President in a storyline that reveals his thoroughly fallacious character. 

Nixon’s character is so well understood and played by Hopkins that he even got nominated for an Oscar. This role is still considered to be one of his most notable works.


9. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

The Worlds Fastest Indian 2005

This movie is all about Burt Munroe (Anthony Hopkins) and his passion for motorbikes. Together with his 1920 Indian motorcycle, he sets the world speed record. This achievement is owed to Burt’s 20 years of constant determination and hard work which he puts into perfecting the motorcycle.

Overall, the movie is what we call a “feel good” type describing the journey toward one’s dreams. This true story is revived by the phenomenal acting skills of Hopkins.


8. The Two Popes (2019)

The Two Popes 2019

Underneath the grouchy outside of his character, Hopkins flows a subtle vexatiousness. His pairing up with Pryce is what gives this movie a certain depth alongside great visuals. The overall storyline provides the viewers with an experience of how some of the holiest men can have problems when deciding what’s best for them.

The movie doesn’t refrain from addressing several of the most irritating aspects of its era, yet some viewers might believe that the film didn’t pay sufficient focus to certain issues that could have been addressed in more detail. 


7. The Elephant Man (1980)

Anthony Hopkins Movie The Elephant Man 1980

Anthony Hopkins is a doctor in the late nineteenth century. Joseph Merrick (John Hurt) is a severely deformed man with a disorder from birth. He gains the attention of Hopkins while making his living as the elephant man. This movie shows the struggle Merrick and how during his struggle he makes a friend, a friend he can have conversations with.

In totality, this movie gives us an insight into how appearances can be deceiving and why everyone deserves a chance to share their story.


6. Shadowlands (1993)

Shadowlands 1993

A love affair between an author/academic Jack and his long-time fan is stirred up over a cup of tea at the Oxford. This romance takes a tragic turn when Joy falls terminally ill. Hopkins’s character is shy, when he meets this fan for the first time, he hides behind the etiquette of the British back then. Whereas his co-star is playing a woman who is straightforward and in turn outspoken.

With an unusual courtship and a man who hasn’t been interested in love, this movie envisions the idea of how love finds its way and how sometimes it can be the biggest challenge anyone encounters.


5. Howard’s End (1992)

Howard’s End 1992

Compassion and empathy are particularly challenging when one’s living in the class structure. This is exactly what this movie indicates. In this domestic fiction, a drama is stirred up after Margaret (Emma Thompson) befriends the sick wife of a wealthy man named Henry Wilcox (Anthony Hopkins). This starts a chain reaction of events which takes us back to the opening sentence of this review.

The total gross of this movie stands at $26.3 million. Which in comparison with its budget of $8 million, tells us more about the success of the film.


4. The Remains of the Day (1993)

The Remains of the Day 1993

In pre-World War II England, there is a butler named Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) who is dedicated to serving his master. This dedication becomes a little unfocused when the new housekeeper Miss Kenton arrives at his master’s abode.

The representation of the faithful butler by Hopkins to his Nazi-friendly master is brilliant, and even though there are good performances by other prominent co-actors, Hopkins’s undeniably good acting is what brings life to this drama film.


3. The Dresser (2015)

Anthony Hopkins in The Dresser 2015

This film tells the story of a man, Norman (Ian McKellen), who dresses as an actor for a play in a theatre back in the Second World War. The company’s leader (Sarah Lancashire) has concerns about whether the aged actor ‘Sir’ (Anthony Hopkins) will be capable of performing with his wife Her Ladyship (Emily Watson). The bond between Sir and Norman is intense and ultimately quite meaningful in determining the play’s success.

The film is a brilliant exploration of English theater and won several awards and nominations.


2. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

The Silence of the Lambs 1991

The movie is undoubtedly a testament that perhaps a fantastic suspense thriller doesn’t demand plenty of graphic violence. The work of Anthony Hopkins as the insane Hannibal won him a well-deserved Academy Award.

It is an unforgettable marvel, a work of art full of mystery that combines the essence of fear, panic, and malfeasance into one seamless and concise story. It did well at the box office too, generating a whopping $272.7 million.


1. The Father (2021)

Anthony Hopkins Oscar Winning Movie The Father 2021

An elderly gentleman (Anthony Hopkins) starts to question his reality. His mental health is becoming worse and reality is no longer real to him. This film encompasses the sufferer’s perspective and thoroughly conveys Anthony’s struggle to the audience. The character was played in such a tremendous way by Hopkins that he won an Oscar for it, making him the oldest person ever to win an Oscar (83 years).

Although, the film was a box office success at the time of its release but couldn’t make much due to worldwide covid pandemic-related lockdowns restricting its entire box office collection to $10.4 million.


Honorable Mentions

  • The Lion in Winter (1968)
  • The Mask of Zorro (1998)
  • Amistad (1997)
  • 84 Charing Cross Road (1987)

Did we miss any title that should have been featured on our list of the best Anthony Hopkins movies of all time? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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