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Heather Johnson is an author, designer for print and web who is inspired by beautiful book covers, well-designed fonts and interior design. Also a lover of chocolate chip cookies and indie music.
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18 Nov

Financial Fraud in the Digital Age [Infographic]

Author | Heather Johnson
online fraud infographic

Financial fraud has become a lot easier in recent years due to the digital age. With so much access to a variety of information, fraud is a bigger problem than ever before. From corporate crime to identity theft, there are several ways people can embezzle money. Some of the best criminals search your social media… Read More »

12 Nov

5 Must Have Accessories For Computer Gaming in 2014

Author | Heather Johnson
Must Have Accessories For PC Gaming

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you may find yourself hunting for the best accessories because playing games on a desktop is not quite the same as playing on a console: you will be best off tailoring your PC accessories for the best playing experience on your chosen game! This is specially true for… Read More »

4 Nov

Halloween Spending Habits in the UK and US [Infographic]

Author | Heather Johnson
Halloween Spending Habits infographic

Has the UK seen a record-breaking Halloween in 2014? If you ever wanted to know, now’s your chance. Popular costume retailer allfancydress.com has put together a seasonal infographic with data accumulated from their sales records, to give an indication about Halloween spending habits in the UK and US in October. And of course, it includes… Read More »

27 Jul

5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Should Take a Backseat

Author | Heather Johnson
social media marketing

Social media is at the forefront of digital buzzwords, especially for businesses. If its ardent advocates are to be believed, this new outlet will save your business, double your profits, and perform other business miracles. Here are a few reasons to be skeptical of social media marketing promises:

10 Jul

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google? [Infographic]

Author | Heather Johnson

In this year’s iteration of Fortune Magazine’s Annual List of 100 Best Companies to Work For, Google once again ranked first beating out competition like SAS. Let’s take a deep look into what does it take to get a job at Google. The search engine giant, which currently employs 50 thousand people all over the… Read More »