5 Things You Should Learn from Lady Gaga’s Marketing Strategy

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 15th, 2019

learn from lady gaga marketing strategy

Although Lady Gaga is well known as a singer that has sold over 23 million copies of her albums and has been nominated for six Grammy awards, her as well as the team behind her, have proven to be marketing geniuses. While a lot of the strategies they used have been well known for ages, they were able to use them in a way that skyrocketed Lady Gaga into fame. Being famous is essentially the same goal as you have for your products or services, to make them as popular as possible, so let’s go over a few things you should learn from Lady Gaga’s marketing strategy that you can put to use for your business:


Be Knowledgeable and Opinionated About your Field of Work

Lady Gaga has never had a problem voicing her opinions about issues that she considers important. By doing so, she always keeps herself within the public eye, increasing her visibility. Even when she would pick aside, she would attract more fans that were like-minded and were able to connect with her on a personal level due to the issue she would be opinionated about.

You can easily implement this into your marketing strategy by being an expert in your field and voicing your opinions, tips, and even participating in a debate with competitors or others who are against you. Obviously every niche is going to have a different aspect, but letting your consumers know that your company is passionate, knowledgeable, and can provide superior services will have them respecting your company in no time.


Connect with Your Customers and Let them Connect

Gaga and her team were always working on her social networking profiles, connecting with fans and keeping them updated. This would allow her fans to have places they could go to get news, meet other fans and also post their thoughts about her. Once Gaga started calling her fans “Little Monsters”, they all had a symbol to share and were able to relate with one another. This started a whole wave throughout all of her fans as they started to identify and be proud to call themselves Gaga’s little monsters.

There are so many useful social networks on the internet now, that it is almost impossible to not have at least one page for your business. Making sure to keep connected with your customers should be a high priority for any marketing strategy since there is so much use to having those successful profiles. The more profiles you have out there, the more chances people will find and like your company, thus increasing your revenue.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your customers are what makes you a success, so get involved. Once you have a large follower base, try and find a unique way to connect all of your customers together and give them a personal attachment to your business.


Network with the Right People

Having a connection to your Industry leaders can provide an abundance of opportunities as well as help promote your services or products. Gaga was known to have a large list of highly influential people that supported her, which gave her a big advantage when she was in the spotlight. Her supporters would always keep a good light going for her and would back her up when she needed it. Having them also attracted her a countless amount of new fans, by having her supporters mention her name, new people were introduced to her and the music she made.

Having allies that can back you up and shed a good light on your business can make all the difference. While networking can be time-consuming, it is well worth it once a newly found friend is able to help you increase sales by 200%. Don’t underestimate the opinion of your industry leaders, people know them and will trust their opinions.


Provide Quality

Let’s not forget that the biggest part of having a successful marketing campaign is being able to provide something of worth. Even the best marketing experts might be able to sky rocket a bad product into the market, but it will end up just crashing down and failing due to the simple fact that it’s horrible. Gaga writes songs that her fans truly love and enjoy, which gives them a reason to be proud to be her fans.

Make sure not to mislead your customers into thinking they are about to get something they really are not. Although it might be tempting to promise them something much better then what they will actually get, it will end up backfiring and hurting your business in the long run. It’s best they know exactly what they are buying to ensure they get what they paid for. 


Mastering Timing

As a lot of marketers know, timing can be pretty hard to master. Promoting something too early or too late can be the overall reason it fails. We are not talking about Gaga’s ability to time her performances on stage, which has to do with her quality service. I’m talking about her perfectly timed tweets or other content releases. She has been known to personally respond on twitter to her fans minutes prior to her doing a live performance, making them feel special and showing others how thoughtful she is, shedding a good light on her once again.

Although you are most likely not trying to promote a singer or anything within the entertainment industry, these marketing tips can be used by almost any business. These strategies have been in practice for a long time, but trying to master them and being successful with them has proven to be a hard task for lots of companies. Lady Gaga has done multiple other marketing strategies throughout her career, which have put her even further into success.


What is the most important thing that you have learned from Lady Gaga’s marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments section below!