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10 Jul

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google? [Infographic]

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In this year’s iteration of Fortune Magazine’s Annual List of 100 Best Companies to Work For, Google once again ranked first beating out competition like SAS, or Statistical Analysis System Institute – developer of analytics software and Intuit, also a software as a service developer of financial and tax preparation software and related services.

12 Dec

7 Reasons Why Teenagers Are Leaving Facebook

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“Teenagers are now leaving Facebook.” – This statement may come off as a shocker, but it’s proven to be true lately. Teens may be Internet-savvy, especially when it comes to social networking sites. But teenagers are now shying away on Facebook. Why is Facebook losing its appeal to teens? Here are seven solid reasons why teenagers… Read More »

6 Nov

Review FoodPanda.pk: Order Delicious Food Online Now

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The e-commerce business in Pakistan has been strongly developing in the last couple of years. Despite economic conditions and technological constraints, new startups are conquering the market all the time. Not knowing what to eat during lunch breaks or especially in the evening, is a common problem that everyone knows especially those that have to… Read More »