Top 5 Best Car Stunts On The Web

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 21st, 2023
Top 5 Best Car Stunts on the Web

Have you ever been a stunt driver, trying to keep your car in one piece and evade the police’s attention while having a good time? Is it worth the risk of injuring yourself, wrecking your car, or perhaps getting caught red-handed by the police? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like to. There’s a far safer way to enjoy your stunt driving – from the safety of your computer. Grab a cup of coffee, hang on to your chair, and be the judge of our compilation of 5 of the best car stunts on the web:



You’re just sitting around the house, not really sure what to do with yourself. You don’t want to work, you don’t want to clean, you don’t want to go to the gym, you’re not hungry and you have no desire to watch TV.

So you just sit there. Going insane. Completely insane. Like this guy.



Quite the opposite is true of this intrepid fellow. This may actually qualify as boredom – certainly having too much time and money on one’s hands – but it also took a tremendous amount of effort, planning, hard work, and courage.


Attention Seeking

Remember when you first received your driver’s license? You did everything you had ever wanted to do in a car. You spun the tires, went off-road, drove around the block in reverse, and perhaps performed a few other antics that you’ll never admit to in public.

The best ever, though? Chinese fire drill! And like all things, the Chinese fire drill has apparently dramatically evolved.


Fun Loving

You can’t help but like this guy. First, this is obviously somewhere in Europe, but this guy was cool enough to paint his car like General Lee. That alone deserves some respect. Second, the whole thing is staged beautifully.

Comedy is an art, especially if what you’re doing really isn’t innately funny. Somehow, though, our hero pulls it off.



It’s extremely doubtful this guy was actually trying to be careful (come on, what stunt driver cares about safety?), but this car stunt could fool you. Either luck was on his side or this guy is a one-of-a-kind stunt driver!

How did he manage not to roll? His descent is so smooth!



Lastly, do remember to take care and check your surroundings when stunt driving in town. Have a lookout. Check down all streets and alleys. If you get sloppy and forget, this could be you.

A cop throwing you in the clinker isn’t necessarily your worst fear. Although we are quite positive that fellow was pretty scared and bummed when he nearly ran into the cop after pulling off his car stunt.

On that note, you must be careful while doing any kind of car stunt. Stunt driving is generally not tolerated by the authorities in any locality. In fact, some places have specific legislation addressing it.

In Ontario, there is an entire section of the Highway Traffic Act devoted to stunt driving. Even so, it remains immensely popular despite the negative attention it receives. In California last winter, stunt drivers shut down an entire section of a Los Angeles freeway to perform a few moves. That’s dedication!

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