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Heather Johnson is an author, designer for print and web who is inspired by beautiful book covers, well-designed fonts and interior design. Also a lover of chocolate chip cookies and indie music.
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28 Jan

Here’s Why Instagram For Business Marketing Is So Effective [Infographic]

Author | Heather Johnson

Using Instagram for business marketing is quite common specially given the fact that Instagram is not tailored for any particular business, niche, or domain. It’s for everyone who likes to get more publicity and make more money. It doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have already tried growing your online presence organically. Many… Read More »

9 Nov

All The Watches of James Bond [Infographic]

Author | Heather Johnson
All The Watches of James Bond Infographic

Think of James Bond and you think of danger, glamour, and style. Picture James Bond and you picture smart suits, fast cars and, of course, great watches. Here today let’s have brief look over the history of James Bond watches: In the novels themselves Fleming specified that James Bond wore a Rolex and it was… Read More »

27 Oct

A Time And Motion Study of Major Sports [Infographic]

Author | Heather Johnson
A Time And Motion Study of Major Sports

Time and motion studies are typically associated with the workplace to improve efficiency and profits, however, as avid sports fans spend hours watching some major sports, Watches2U have put their stop watch on to discover how much time fans really spend hours watching actual play during an average match of four of the most popular ball… Read More »

29 Aug

In Focus: Responsive Web Design and Responsive vCard

Author | Heather Johnson
Responsive Web Design and Responsive vCard

Access to the internet has quickly become an essential tool required for many daily tasks. Whether it’s e-mail, correspondence, research, doing business or just entertainment, the internet is fundamental in the 21 century. With the rise and increased importance of online life, mobile devices have taken over as the method that many prefer to access… Read More »