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Review: Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire review

The European Games Award recently honored Goodgame Studios as the “Best European Studio” and its “Best European Browser Game” and we recently came across this highly successful free-to-play online browser game: Goodgame Empire. With TV commercials, churning, and more than 58 million registered players: The statistics of the free-to-play strategy browser game Goodgame Empire is… Read More »

9 Coolest Tiny Houses In The World

9 Coolest Tiny Houses in The World

This giant, perfect, self-sustaining ecosystem of a world of ours is slowly becoming more and more cramped, and the subsequent changes have begun to take a serious toll. With the advent of the “Cribs” generation, it may seem that extravagance and living beyond your means is the newest trend while many people across the world… Read More »

13 Rare & Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

13 Rare & Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

With less than one month remaining until the most romantic day celebrated throughout the globe, we decided to tease you with over a dozen rare and interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:   13. Valentine’s Day in Verona In the city of Verona, Italy the fictional hometown of Romeo and Juliet they receive around 1,000 letters… Read More »

8 Best Patriotic Movies For Independence Day Viewing

8 Best Patriotic Movies For Independence Day Viewing

Whether you’re looking for a movie night to prepare for the Fourth of July celebrations or are thinking of one to top off this holiday, there are many patriotic films that continue to rank highly among film fans.  The following are the 8 best patriotic movies for independence day viewing that showcase the American spirit… Read More »

7 Reasons Why Teenagers Are Leaving Facebook

Reasons Why Teenagers Are Leaving Facebook

“Teenagers are now leaving Facebook.” – This statement may come off as a shocker, but it’s proven to be true lately. Teens may be Internet-savvy, especially when it comes to social networking sites. But teenagers are now shying away from Facebook. Why is Facebook losing its appeal to teens? Here are seven solid reasons why… Read More »

4 Memorable Alien Adventures On The Big Screen

4 Memorable Alien Adventures on the Big Screen

Aliens are popular in many forms of media because of the mystery that surrounds them. Since there has yet to be solid proof of their existence in real life, people dream up fantastical stories about them to make do with instead. In fact, to experience the best alien movies, here are 4 memorable alien adventures… Read More »