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5 Things To Be Kept In Mind While Buying Apple Gadgets

7 Things to be Kept in Mind While Buying Apple Gadgets

Although the Cupertino-based tech giant has a very successful line of gadgets that are usually way ahead of its competition it’s also a very established fact that Apple’s products are relatively expensive. Here today we are going to discuss things to be kept in mind while buying Apple gadgets:   5. Upgrade Weakness All that… Read More »

All The Watches Of James Bond [Infographic]

All The Watches of James Bond Infographic

Think of James Bond and you think of danger, glamour, and style. Picture James Bond and you picture smart suits, fast cars, and, of course, great watches. Here today let’s have a brief look over the history of James Bond watches: In the novels themselves, Fleming specified that James Bond wore a Rolex and it… Read More »

10 Best Upcoming PC Games Of 2016

10 Best Upcoming PC Games Of 2016

While the year is only half done so far, it is never too early to see what hot new games are going to be on the horizon so you can ready your machine for them. Gaming just looks as if it is getting better and better, and despite what others say, the PC is still… Read More »

15 Best Streaming Apps For Your Smartphone

15 Best Streaming Apps For Your Smartphone

With the rise of 4G technology, streaming shows, and music on your smartphone have never been easier. All you need to do is download the right apps to turn your smartphone into a true multimedia device. We today have compiled a list of 15 of the best streaming apps for your smartphone for both movies… Read More »

17 Best Xbox One Games Of 2014

Best Xbox One Games of 2014

Xbox One is now officially over a year old and already enjoys a fan following of millions. Apart from being the best living room media machine that provides some clever and fantastic media features, Xbox One also features an excellent range of both exclusive and non-exclusive games. We today have ranked the 17 best Xbox… Read More »