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Movie Cars Of The Future [Infographic]

movie cars of the future

If you’re a massive motor-head, coupled with being a fanatic film fan, there’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a film set in the future and seeing all the cool cars they’ve designed to predict what a car will look like in the future. Even more amazing is to look back at some iconic,… Read More »

15 Best Superhero Video Games Of All Time

15 Best Superhero Video Games of All Time

While video games happen to be a yearly multi-billion dollar enterprise, superheroes are not always at the forefront of this media industry as they are featured much more in television and films for some reason. A good number of superhero-themed games do get released here and there, but fail to dominate our home consoles the… Read More »

15 Best Tom Hardy Movies Of All Time

15 Best Tom Hardy Movies Of All Time

There is no doubt that Tom Hardy is one of the finest actors of his generation, he has a diverse class and style. Tom Hardy has always worked in different diverse movies. Hardy is one of those actors who just doesn’t act with his face and voice but also acts with his whole body, which… Read More »

How Smartphone Light Affects Your Child’s Brain And Body

How Smartphone Light Affects Your Childs Brain and Body

In a world where the influence of technology plays a vital role in almost every aspect of life, it is only natural that the general population is equipped with digital gadgets to help run their lives. Smartphones have become such an essential item for every individual that they simply cannot survive without them. Other than… Read More »

The Product Placements Oscars [Infographic]

The Product Placements Oscars Infographic

Since this month is considered to be the month of the Oscars, all the actors and moviemakers are busy promoting themselves to win this prestigious award. Our folks at watches2U have come up with an exciting set of awards, the product placement Oscars. Often when we watch a movie, we sometimes notice the brand, that… Read More »