9 Coolest Tiny Houses In The World

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 19th, 2023
9 Coolest Tiny Houses in The World

This giant, perfect, self-sustaining ecosystem of a world of ours is slowly becoming more and more cramped, and the subsequent changes have begun to take a serious toll. With the advent of the “Cribs” generation, it may seem that extravagance and living beyond your means is the newest trend while many people across the world continue to live a “bigger is better” lifestyle full of exorbitant, elaborate, waste. However, like many things, with one extreme we always find an alternative that is committed to improving the balance. And with that comes the most recent trend that is slowly gaining public notoriety and respect across the globe amongst ecologists, travelers, renewable material aficionados, and the like. Known as the “tiny house” movement, living the “small life”, or going “off the grid” amongst a number of its supporters, no matter how you choose to refer to it the newest cult trend in home design and the building is here to stay. Despite the limited space, the opportunity is endless. Believed to have originated in the USA around 2005 following the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Katrina Cottages starting at 308 square feet quickly became an easy pleasant solution to FEMA trailers amid the disaster zone and later caught on quickly in other parts of the country with those looking for a newer, more responsible solution to the global housing crisis in 2007. They are truly small, individual works of art in their own right, and with their popularity now blossoming into dedicated tiny-house companies and architectural firms, we hope, for our own planet’s sake that they continue to pop up and influence cities and people across the globe. Here are the 9 coolest tiny houses in the world that you simply can’t resist:


9. Bunkie

Bunkie Homes are super cute and cover an area of around 106 square feet. Bunkie Homes were founded in Toronto, Canada, and come in four different models. The massive windows may be stylish but are impractical in actuality. 

The price varies with the model, however, the basic model called ‘Huron’ costs a mere $21,900.


8. Single Hauz

Single Hauz tiny home

Single Hauz from Polish manufacturers Front Architects covers an area of 200 square feet and is designed to be placed on any type of terrain in any part of the world.


7. Off The Grid

You can visit Off The Grid in Ashland, Oregon which covers an area of 200 square feet and sets you back by $33,000.

For any Tiny-house movement believer, this is a perfect tiny house to live a minimalist lifestyle.


6. HomeBox

HomeBox from German Han Slawik

The German Han Slawik Designs cover an area of just 150 square feet and cost around $50,000 per unit.


5. The Tack

The Tack

The Tack from Chris Tack Design costs an estimated amount of $25,000 and covers a mere 140 square feet.


4. The Nomad Packable House (100sq/ft)

The Nomad Packable House

If you ever happen to visit Vancouver, Canada then do have a look at the Nomad Packable House from Ian Kent Designs.

This enchanting house will cost you around $30,000 and will offer you a tiny space of just 100 square feet. Yes, you have calculated it right, it’s going to be 300$ per foot.


3. Z-Glass (370sq/ft)


The Z-Glass from Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. provides a living space of 370 square feet with a relatively cheaper price tag of $26,000.


2. Wall-less House

Wall less House

Image Courtesy: Katsuhisa Kida / Fototeca


The Wall-less House from Tokyo, Japan is an absolute beauty. The manufacturers, Tezuka Architects, made sure that the house remains affordable at $80,000 despite offering a huge space of 800 square feet.


1. The FabLab House

The FabLab House in Madrid is an awarded-winning absolute stunner. It offers a super cool solar-powered living space for just $50,000.

Which of the above-mentioned coolest tiny houses did you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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