Here’s Why Celebrities Are Crazy About Segway Personal Transporter

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON January 23rd, 2024
Here's Why Celebrities Are Crazy About Segway Personal Transporter

It is crazy how advanced our world has gotten in the 21st century. Mobile phones, face recognition software, Skype, programs like Siri, and hand-held tablets were the only things of the future that people saw in movie theaters. We don’t have flying cars like in The Fifth Element just yet, but it doesn’t completely seem out of reach with modern-day technology. Who knew that these “unrealistic” technological items from past sci-fi films could predict the future? Or, did huge corporations like Google and Apple see potential in these life-changing technological advances and replicate what they saw on the big screen? Either way, the world we have now is constantly evolving. And, of course, celebrities are all the trendiest technological gadgets on the market. Unlike the bulky Segway PT, hoverboard scooters are the future of transportation, smaller in size, and hands-free! No wonder why celebs are obsessed with them. Here we explore why celebrities are crazy about Segway Personal Transporter:


Did Films Inspire Current Technological Advancements?

Since before 1903, the year The Wright brothers Wilbur and Orville invented the very first aircraft, people have always dreamed of flying. But, what inspired our newest tech gadgets? Well, movies of course!

Think about it, how mind-blowing is it to think that we are that much closer to riding hoverboards like Marty from Back to the Future Part ll? In a way, the current hoverboards make you feel like you are flying by allowing you to effortlessly and swiftly maneuver around. These scooters resemble hoverboards from the movie but aren’t quite there yet. Although, Lexus has revealed a prototype for a real-life hoverboard (too bad they only work on magnetic tracks).

With movies like Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report predicting future technologies like face recognition software, touchscreens, and self-driving cars, screenwriters, and filmmakers are continuously trying their best to predict future high-tech tools. Before 2001: A Space Odyssey hit the big screens, most people never thought that computers would be able to talk to us or even let us have the software to talk face-to-face with people through portable devices. Nowadays, people can’t imagine their life without Siri or Skype.


Celebrities That Just Can’t Get Enough of It

Celebrities have become increasingly infatuated with the evolution of the Segway hoverboards. Here are just a few examples of your favorite celebs loving their hoverboards.

Justin Bieber loves his electronic scooter so much that he uses it everywhere, even on airplanes:

justin bieber hoverboarding on a plane

Wiz Khalifa posted several photos and videos on social media of him riding his PhunkeeDuck hoverboard all over the place at the airport (which is illegal and he got arrested at LAX!), at his house, and even shopping at the grocery store.

wiz khalifa hoverboard in supermarket

We all know that Chris Brown loves showing off. While riding his Segway hoverboard, he still manages to display a smooth demeanor and swift dance moves.

Mike Tyson VS Hoverboard! We must admit, we did chuckle a bit when Mike Tyson screamed and fell to the floor after making the wrong movements on his daughter’s hoverboard.

If you want to add a quick laugh to your day, there’s nothing funnier than a former heavyweight champion being taken down by an electronic scooter.

mike tyson hoverboard fail

The development of modern-day technology is only getting more awesome from here. Once upon a time, Skype, Siri, iPads, tablets, touchscreens, and hoverboards were all just fictional things that writers and filmmakers dreamed of.

But, these days, we can’t visualize living without them. Movies truly influence and inspire people in multiple ways. Luckily for us, movies like Back to the Future Part ll inspired people to completely change the way we commute. Walking is a thing of the past, didn’t you know? Just imagine what amazing gadgets the future will hold; only time will tell.

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