15 Questions Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Better Answer

POSTED BY Tayyab Khalil, UPDATED ON March 7th, 2023


7. What is General Zod’s Corpse Used For?

What is General Zods Corpse Used For

The climax of Man of Steel showed General Zod dying at the hands of Superman but actor Michael Shannon is reprising the role in Batman v Superman.

The second trailer shows Lex Luthor examining the corpse of the deceased foe so one must wonder for what purpose the character will be used.

Fans have speculated that Luthor will reincarnate Zod as Superman’s enemy Doomsday but that sounds insane. Insane enough for director Zack Snyder to make it a reality in the movie? Hopefully not.


6. How will Wonder Woman Fit into the Story?

How will Wonder Woman Fit into the Story

Despite being the greatest female superhero of all time, Wonder Woman not only never had a feature film of her own but not even an appearance as a side hero in any of the DC movies. Though there have been several attempts by Hollywood to take the character to the silver screen, nothing ever turned out.

That is until Zack Snyder sat in the director’s chair. So how does the Amazon Princess fit into the story? The trailers hint that she developed feelings for the Billionaire Playboy – the two even danced together – and saves Batman’s life from Doomsday but all that is yet to be seen.


5. Does Batman Actually Stand a Chance Against Superman?

Does Batman Actually Stand a Chance Against Superman

Comic book readers are well aware of the fact that the movie is loosely based upon the storyline The Dark Knight Returns in which Batman defeats Superman but director Zack Snyder recently revealed that it is not an actual adaption and aims to give the movie a realistic touch.

That changes the entire landscape of the movie! With all honesty, the alien from planet Krypton can easily take down a man dressed as a bat. If the fight is really recognized as the battle of the century, one must wonder if Batman actually stands a chance against the much superior Superman.


4. Why the Hell is Batman Using a Gun?

Why the Hell is Batman Using a Gun

It was a gun in the hand of a mugger who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents and motivated him to fight crime under the alias of Batman but the character, despite having a bundle of weapons and gadgets, never uses a gun!

However, in both of the movie trailers, Batman has been seen using a gun. Is director Zack Snyder that bold to ignore one of the most basic moral codes of the Dark Knight? Apparently, he is, and that leaves Snyder with a lot of explanation to do.


3. Will Oliver Queen Help Batman?

Will Oliver Queen Help Batman

Do not get your hopes up about Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow helping Batman or even appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe. You have to settle for the show Arrow starring Stephen Amell.

Though it is interesting to know that the movie is based upon the storyline The Dark Knight Returns in which the Green Arrow helps Batman to take down Superman, the character will not appear in the DC Cinematic Universe.


2. Will Jared Leto’s Joker Make an Appearance?

Jared Leto Joker

As one of the greatest movie villains of all time, Jared Leto certainly has big shoes to fill after the iconic portrayal of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Suicide Squad will feature the Clown Prince of Crime for the very first time in eight years but will the Joker appear in Batman v Superman?

Set to be released five months before Suicide Squad, rumors have flooded that the Joker will make an appearance in Batman v Superman. Though the chances are unlikely, director Zack Snyder can be full of surprises.


1. Will Ben Affleck Prove the Critics Wrong?

Batman Vs Superman

Ever since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman in the movie, the internet exploded and fans vocally expressed their distaste for the decision. Considering how bad the movie Daredevil was in which the actor portrayed the title superhero, the fans had every right to do so.

With the movie being a blemish in Ben Affleck’s career, the actor vowed never to accept any more superhero roles but director Zack Snyder convinced him otherwise. Will the actor make the critics eat their words? Only time will tell.

Hopefully, you agree with our list of the questions Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice better answer. Feel free to share your views in the comments below!

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