15 Popular Avengers: Endgame Plot Holes Explained

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popular Avengers Endgame Plot Holes Explained

Avengers: Endgame’s mind-boggling and record-shattering $1.2 billion opening weekend, left everybody in awe. However, in the aftermath, there have been rumblings from some journalists and fans claiming that there are major plot-holes in the film. We, on the other hand, think, that these so-called plot-holes are nothing but lack of attention. We think paying a little extra attention would help the viewers to understand the film’s events. It will, in fact, reward the viewers by explaining why the supposed plot-hole actually makes perfect sense. Additionally, it would make the fans understand the fact that these so-called plot-holes are parts of the story after all. This article discusses and explains major questions and plot holes according to the viewers. This obviously means discussing major spoilers about Endgame’s plot and about the ending of the film. So if you’ve not seen the movie yet, then we urge you not to read any further. Here are the 15 popular Avengers: Endgame plot holes explained:


15. How Did Captain Marvel know where to find Tony and Nebula?

How Did Captain Marvel know where to find Tony and Nebula

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We know that Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson) gets to Earth because of the page from Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson). As we see in the end credits of Captain Marvel, she arrives at the Avengers Head Quarters, where she meets Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and more. She finds out Nick Fury is missing, and the scene ends. She eventually learns about what has happened.

Now there are two possibilities if how she could’ve tracked Tony and Nebula down. It can be assumed, she meets Tony’s fiancée, Pepper Potts and discovers the transmissions from space via his Iron Man suit. If she’s been receiving those messages, then she was likely able to tell Captain Marvel where to find Stark and Nebula.

She must’ve tracked them down after that or she could have tracked the Benatar, the guardianship itself. It’s reasonable to assume that rocket has some sort of tracking device on the craft. Therefore, this can be how she finds and brings back Tony and Nebula.


14. Why can’t they go to the Quantum Realm and bring Natasha back?

Why cant they go to the Quantum Realm and bring Natasha Back

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The major reason for that could be that removing her from a past timeline would make it impossible for her to do anything she was supposed to have done in Infinity War. However, this is a little unlikely since according to MCU time travel rules, it’s a little more complicated than just that. What if they took Natasha (played by Scarlett Johansson) out of her reality and doing that would remove her from being in the reality where she helps defeat Thanos.

Keeping her in a different timeline altogether and bringing her back later on wouldn’t be an option either. This is because she would not only have physically aged by the time they get her back but also she would be a completely different person, never able to do the things she had done in her original timeline the exact same way, creating yet another timeline. Therefore, a loop that has no benefits to anyone. 


13. How can Captain America pick up Thor’s hammer?

How Can Captain America pick up Thors Hammer

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He was just worthy, wasn’t he? If you remember, in The Age of Ultron, Cap almost lifts it. According to the writer, he actually refrained from lifting it because of the expression that Thor gives. The nice guy that Cap is, he wouldn’t want to make Thor look bad. However, it seems like Thor has had his own doubts.

He was actually happy about it as he screams “I knew it” quite gleefully when Cap (Chris Evans) finally wields the hammer in Avengers: Endgame. It could even be that after the Age of Ultron, Steve lived on the run for two years without the title of Captain America. This ought to have humbled him even more than before and humility, as it seems, is how Thor proved he was worthy in the first Thor movie. 


12. Why didn’t Strange use the time stone on Tony to reverse his death?

Why didnt Strange use the Time stone on Tony to reverse his death

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First of all, saving Iron Man would still mean that the war is won by Thanos. Among the 14 million possibilities that Doctor Strange has seen, Iron Man’s sacrifice is a must for that one win scenario. This is one of the most plausible explanations. However, maybe there are a couple more reasons why this is not possible such as Dr. strange no longer has the Eye of Agamotto.

We only ever see him cast time spells while using the AI so we’re assuming that he couldn’t reverse time. The infinity stones could only be used to bring someone back who was snapped out of existence and not on somebody who died of natural causes such as fatal wounds. Therefore, Tony’s case falls in the second category. We know it hurts, we’re really sad too.


11. Why didn’t Captain Marvel or Thor snap in the end?

Thor or Captain Marvel

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There a few explanations for this such Captain Marvel being a human. She has the power of the Space stone (tesseract) but her biological “vessel” is human and weak. Unlike Hulk and Thanos. Her powers come almost externally.

Thor’s a god and could’ve probably dealt with the snap better but like they decide earlier, Thor is in no shape or form. He had been depressed throughout the course of 5 years after Infinity War. Overall, we think there just wasn’t any time. Given the context of the whole situation, the chaos and the uncertainty.

There wouldn’t have been any time form a new Infinity Gauntlet. That leaves us with only Tony (Robert Downey, Jr.). The reason he can hold the gauntlet is because of his arc reactor. His arc reactor is a container itself and all the infinity stones have been in containers like cubes, staffs, necklaces.

The soul stone is unique because instead of a container there is a guard instead. The arc reactor was made with a new element Tony created back in Iron Man 2. It probably could handle the infinity stones too and this is what Strange knew. The only possibility.


10. Why are Peter’s friends the same age at the end of the movie?

peter parker high school friends avengers end game

We had the same question. As we see in the end (2023), Peter Parker reunited with his best friend, Ned, at school. Some viewers even thought it was funny that they were still in highschool but essentially they never aged during that time. It completely makes sense. They haven’t aged a day since the snap.

If that logic’s followed, then Ned and MJ (Zendaya) must have disappeared in the snap too, along with some of their other friends. We know the “Spider-Man” sequel “Far From Home” takes place moments after the end of “Endgame.”


9. Why did the Ancient One have the Eye of Agamotto in New York?

Why did the Ancient One have the Eye of Agamotto in New York

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We know that the Eye of Agamotto was kept in Nepal during the Dr. Strange movie as they had decided to keep it in a more secure location than New York after the Chitauri invasion.

The Ancient One might have been planning on using it in New York, in case the Avengers failed to stop the invasion. The Ancient One can see the future.


8. Why did the Ancient One originally ignore Doctor Strange?

the ancient one and dr strange

As we discussed, the Ancient One could see the future. However, it is theorized that she couldn’t see past her future. This is why she didn’t know why professor Hulk was in New York in the first place. She even tells him:

“I spent so many years peering through time looking at this exact moment but I can’t see past it.”

Furthermore, she wasn’t actually indifferent to him in Dr. Strange, the movie. She just made him wait outside and then immediately started to train him personally. She even told him that she never saw his future but the possibilities of it.