15 Most Misleading Movie Trailers

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON June 26th, 2019


7. Snow Dogs (2002)

Luring children into the theaters is definitely an easy way of earning big bucks at the box office and Disney movie Snow Dogs excellently capitalized on that lucrative idea. Its trailer showcases six sled dogs with the ability to talk and engaging in hijinks with their new musher.

Seems like a fun movie for the kids to enjoy but actually, Snow Dogs barely relies on comedy and is essentially about a son’s attempts to bond with his biological father who gave him up for adoption. Additionally, the dogs do not even talk in the movie as falsely presented in the trailer. That particular scene was a dream sequence.


6. Drive (2011)

Starring Ryan Gosling, it seemed that Drive would be the next big thing since The Fast and the Furious. After all, the trailer would be riddled with gun violence, screeching tyres, hardcore action, and precarious stunts.

Once the audience saw the movie with the hopes of watching an exhilarating adventure featuring cars, they were sourly disappointed as Drive was a drama movie that barely had any thrilling vehicular scenes.


5. Suicide Squad (2016)

It had been eight long years since the late Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of the Joker on the silver screen and the fans eagerly awaited for Jared Leto’s take on the supervillain in Suicide Squad. The trailers promised the Joker being an integral part of the movie but as it turned out, he was reduced to a minor character and scarcely in it.

Not all Joker scenes in the trailer were featured in the movie. The fans were extremely disgruntled and so was Leto who revealed that so many of his scenes were cut that there was probably enough footage to be incorporated as a solo Joker movie.


4. Observe and Report (2009)

As soon as the trailer of Observe and Report was released, comparisons to Paul Blart: Mall Cop were immediately made for valid reasons – both movies were a comedy, focused on a mall cop and were released in the same year.

While Observe and Report was advertised as a comedy, it unexpectedly took the audience into a wild ride by shedding light on the controversial topic of mental instability. As Seth Rogen’s character embarks on an assault spree after refusing to take his medicines, the movie can be accurately described as Taxi Driver remade as a dark comedy.


3. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Set five years after the Spanish Civil war, Pan’s Labyrinth is a mystical tale directed by Guillermo del Toro. If the trailers were anything to be believed, the movie would be a promising one that dared to blend war-torn Spain with fairy tale creatures.

The trailer was even more horrifyingly brilliant due to the absence of dialogues. As it so happened, the decision to not include any dialogues in the trailer was a wise one since the entire movie is in the Spanish language. Though Pan’s Labyrinth is indeed a spectacular movie, it would have hardly received any mainstream attention if the trailers had revealed that the movie was in Spanish.


2. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Directed by Tim Burton and starring his most frequent collaborator Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is an exceptional masterpiece by the acclaimed director-actor duo.

As the trailer showcases it as a gothic movie about a barber who seeks revenge from an evil judge who falsely convicted and exiled him, the movie has it all. However, the trailer conveniently did not reveal one vital aspect of the movie – it is a musical.


1. Kangaroo Jack (2003)

In all honesty, Kangaroo Jack was a rip off! It purposely misleads the audience about what the entire movie was all about. The trailer and heavy marketing focused on a talking kangaroo being chased by two buddies. The friendly theme of the trailer successfully managed to target a younger audience who did not all could expect what was in store for them.

As opposed to the contents of the trailer, Kangaroo Jack is a crime movie that has several violent, mafia escapades and adult content suitable for a mature audience. It is not at all a kids’ movie and the scene of the talking kangaroo was actually a dream sequence.