Things You Should Learn From the Gossip Girl Show

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 12th, 2019

Gossip Girl Show

Ok, I have a guilty pleasure. This guilty pleasure comes on every week for an hour. For this hour, I plan  my whole day around it. I don’t take any calls, I finish all of my homework before this guilty pleasure, and I don’t let anyone bother me when I am watching it. It’s the show, Gossip Girl. I love this show. It is great and I really love all of the fashion that is on this show. Plus, the actors are beautiful and scandalous.

As a college student, I am always drooling over the different outfits that they wear. The best part, is that I’ve learned a couple of things from watching this show.

1. Don’t ever forget your cell phone. It has been shown in the Gossip Girl world, and in real life, that your phone is one of your most important things that you have. It carries around all of your important information, and the people that you text. Don’t ever give up your cell phone, and don’t ever leave the house without it!

2. Lying can be good. There isn’t one character on this show that has been completely truthful. Lying is pretty socially acceptable. And if you can do it well, why not do it? If it gets you ahead of the pack, take no hesitation to lie through your pearly whites.

3. For best results, scheme with your worst enemy. In this show, it seems that if you need to set someone up, you always ask your worst enemy. For some odd reason, it seems like the villains love to create drama that will benefit you in the long run. Works for me!

4. Girls need to talk fast. This is probably because they have so much to cover in just one hour, but it seems like all of the girls on Gossip Girl talk really fast. I mean, it’s true that women talk faster than men, but all of these girls are on fast forward. They are talking a word a second!

5. The guys whisper. Maybe this is because all of the guys on Gossip Girl are trying to be sexy and sultry, but these guys need to speak up every once in a while. I often find myself turning on the closed captioning because I can’t tell what is coming out of their beautiful mouths.

6. Always look good. It doesn’t matter where these people are in Gossip Girl―these people always look like a million bucks. Which, is probably because they do. No matter where you are, sick or in your death bed, make sure that you always look good.