Top 10 Buggy Toys From 2012

Top 10 Buggy Toys From 2012

Insects can inspire both fear and awe, and there are many among us who are fascinated by the creatures. Insects can be used as a teaching tool and as a goofy prank, and there’s something here for everyone on our list of top 10 buggy toys from 2012:   1. Butterfly Garden Butterfly gardens are… Read More »

6 Cartoon Characters That Have Caused Controversy

Cartoon Characters That Have Caused Controversy

Cartoon characters, don’t you just love ‘em? Cute, cuddly, sweet, straightforward, simple, and harmless. Well, not exactly. Alongside books, films, music, and art, there has also been a fair share of controversial cartoon characters who have struck a certain discord with the public, who have been whipped up into alternating states of disgust, shock, and… Read More »

6 Iconic Cartoon Characters Around The World

Iconic Cartoon Characters Around the World

Let’s face it. Even now, as adults, we enjoy watching cartoons. Nowadays we might watch them with our children, and there may be a few strange cartoon characters that have popped up all over the place, but we will always have a handful of staple characters that will be carried down from generation to generation…. Read More »

5 Great Mobile Apps For Parents

Great Mobile Apps for Parents

Once you become a parent, it can feel like you’re juggling a million things at once. Between your family, job, and possibly even university, it’s difficult to keep track of what you need to do, never mind find the time to do it. Even vacations can feel like work. Here are five great mobile apps… Read More »

Top 3 Ways Students Cheat Using Smartphones

Top 3 Ways Students Cheat Using Smartphones

Since the beginning of time, students have always found ways to cheat. It started off with students writing the answers on their hands or desk. Some even would make cheat sheets and tape them underneath the desk, then peak at that answers during the test-taking time. However, over the past few years, cheating has become… Read More »

Top 10 Books That Every Parent Should Read

Books that Every Parent Should Read

Parenting is not an easy task, especially if we take into consideration the growing complexities of society. And there are no rewards for guessing who can be your best guide on this particular aspect. It is definitely the book with its insights into the various problems that you might face and the most scientific ways… Read More »