Best Movies To Watch With Kids In 2012

Best Movies to Watch With Kids in 2012

From trips to the pool to family picnics to hanging out in the backyard building forts and having tea parties, summer is a great time to be a kid. Summer is also a great time to take your kids to watch some must-see movies and the blockbuster season of 2012 is shaping up very nicely… Read More »

Top 5 Cartoon Cowboys

Top 5 Cartoon Cowboys

Cowboys have found their way into every form of entertainment and art, so it’s no surprise they’ve inspired a host of cartoon characters. Here are the top 5 cartoon cowboys that have captured the imagination all over the world.   5. Marshall BraveStarr On the planet of New Texas, is the frontier outpost of Fort… Read More »

Are Cell Phones Dangerous For Children?

Are Cell Phones Dangerous for Children?

Mobile phones have gained rapid and increased popularity in the first few years of their production. This was because it was easier for people to keep in touch. The use of mobile phones was restricted to the times when people would be away, or when large-scale coordination was required for operations. Times have changed and… Read More »

Top 5 Worst Ads With Babies

Top 5 Worst Ads With Babies

For as long as we’ve had advertisements, babies have been used to sell products. Advertisers understand the power of an infant to promote products. Along with cats and dogs, a baby is a surefire way of getting the interest of the consumer. It doesn’t even have to be about baby products at all, as ‘baby… Read More »

Top 10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Parents

Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Parents

The Internet can be both a wonderful and terrifying place for children. When parents decide that their children are old enough to start using the computer and the Internet, they need to take some precautions in order to protect their children from unsafe content. Ideally, parents would like to not only limit the child’s time… Read More »