30 Best Games Of 2015

30 Best Games of 2015

The gaming industry witnesses many releases annually. But with the introduction of next-generation consoles, the ever-increasing competition between game franchises, and high expectations from the fans, each game released is now thoroughly tested and scrutinized. Very few make it to gamers’ favorites collection. Here today we share with you the best games of 2015 that… Read More »

15 Best Star Wars Games Of All Time

Best Star Wars Games of All Time

Gaming has exceptionally evolved since the past decade, which is quite evident in the game-plays, graphics, and story, but still, some of the older games have succeeded in holding up pretty well over the years. There have been so many Star Wars games in the past 25 years on pretty much every platform. Let’s take… Read More »

25 Cutest Video Game Characters Ever

Cutest Video Game Characters Ever

Every gamer enjoys playing a good game, but a cute video game character is what every gamer rejoices about for a long time even after they are finished playing a game. Keeping up with video games nowadays is a full-time job especially due to the sheer number of games being released each month on various… Read More »

10 Best Upcoming PC Games Of 2016

10 Best Upcoming PC Games Of 2016

While the year is only half done so far, it is never too early to see what hot new games are going to be on the horizon so you can ready your machine for them. Gaming just looks as if it is getting better and better, and despite what others say, the PC is still… Read More »

25 Largest Game Worlds Of All Time

Largest Game Worlds of All Time

With leaps and bounds in technology, it is no wonder that game worlds are getting bigger and bigger with each new video game that comes out. Gamers love open-world games because they can explore and play for hours while developers love them as they allow them to be as creative as the system can allow,… Read More »

15 Most Violent Video Games Of All Time

Most Violent Video Games of All Time

Video games are a favorite recreational pastime for a lot of people worldwide. One of the main reasons for this is that these video games allow people to do crazy, illogical, and highly dangerous stuff while keeping them safe, anonymous, and relatively out of trouble. Thanks to all this, the violent video game genre has… Read More »