25 Cutest Video Game Characters Ever

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON September 18th, 2015

25 Cutest Video Game Characters Ever

Every gamer enjoys playing a good game, but a cute video game character is what every gamer rejoices for a long time even after they are finished playing a game. Keeping up with video games nowadays is a full-time job specially due to the sheer number of games being released each month on various platforms. Here today we have compiled a list of the cutest video game characters ever to help you find your next favorite adorable video game character:


25. Yoshi (from Super Mario series)


Usually named as Green Yoshi the dinosaur like character is the protagonist from Mario Series. Yoshi tries his best to protect Luigi and Mario from the anger of Koopa Troop and Kamek. It is the only character which can swallow items and coins in order to collect them.

Having a big round nose; you hardly notice his mouth under the gigantic nose. And, the big red patch on its back just compliments its beauty.


24. Bob-omb (from Super Mario Bros series)

Bob omb (Super Mario Bros)

The amazingly unique character from the Super Mario Bros, Bob-omb is the living mechanical bomb with clearly visible eyes, feet and a key in the back. This gender-less character is intelligent and appears in variety of colors.


23. Claptrap (from Borderlands series)

Claptrap (Borderlands)

Manufactured by Hyperion, Claptrap is a CL4P-TP general purpose robot with an overenthusiastic and awkward, yet adorable personality that has been a major source of entertainment for all the borderlands community over the years.


22. The Prince (from Katamari Damacy)

The Prince (Katamari Damacy)

The Prince is the protagonist from the famous Katamari series. He is an interesting character in the series and its task throughout the game is to roll a Katamari.

It has a unique color combination thanks to its purple colored legs and a lime colored body. It has a cylindrical shaped head with dark green stripes at both ends. Just like a cherry on the top, it has an antenna on its head with a red ball on its top. Cute isn’t it?


21. Gon (from Tekken 3)

Gon Tekken 3

Gon, is one the cutest fire-breathing dinosaurs that we have seen in a video game. He’s one of the two unlockable characters (other being Dr. Geppetto Bosconovitch) from the ever popular fighting game, Tekken 3.

His ornamental appearance combined with his unique tiny structure, bulky head, and bold lower limbs made him an instant hit.


20. Lemmings Themselves (from Lemmings series)


These small helpless green haired creatures wearing blue shirts called Lemmings from the Lemmings series quickly won hearts upon their first release.

Invented by DMA Design, Lemmings (1991) was a popular puzzle game that today is considered to be the father of modern Real Time Strategy (RTS) games – as players’ real time action and strategy determined the fate of these cute creatures.


19. Chibiterasu (from Okamiden)

Chibiterasu (Okamiden)

The Okamiden’s protagonist, Chibiterasu is a celestial, little white wolf pup that instantly won the hearts of Nintendo DS community thanks to its enchanting markings and the calligraphy brush shaped tail.


18. Prinnies (Disgaea)

Prinnies (Disgaea)

Prinnies are the most lazy yet adorable characters from the Disgaea series. Prinnies are also considered as the unofficial mascots of the series.

The blue colored Prinnies resemble to a bat with the pouch attached to their bodies along with dis-proportionally small wings.


17. Chao (from Sonic series)

chao sonic adventure

After its first appearance in the Sonic Adventure in 1998, these characters have appeared in many of the other game series as well. Chao varies in color; they can be dark black, light blue or white.

These round-faced creatures have a split tail, a small halo on their heads and feathery wings.


16. Teensies (Rayman)

Teensies from Rayman series

Teensies, from the Rayman series, are unique in their appearance due to their large, dropping nose which hides their mouth beneath it. With tiny eyes and mitten-like hands these creatures don’t look as old and wise as they really are.