15 Most Violent Video Games Ever

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Most Violent Video Games Ever

Video games are a favorite recreational pastime for a lot of people worldwide. One of the main reasons for this is that these video games allow people to do crazy, illogical, and highly dangerous stuff while keeping them safe, anonymous and relatively out of trouble. Thanks to all this, violent video games genre has been around and successful for quite a while now.

The games in this genre often allow players to perform inappropriate, illegal and often painful actions onto others, which is why they are often kept away from gamers below the age of 18. If you fancy violent video games, then below you’ll find our list of 15 most violent video games ever really helpful as it includes several most popular violent video games and video game franchises:


15. Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Call of Duty franchise is an extremely violent and popular military first person shooter franchise that allows players to use a range of very realistic weapons to kill the enemies. These scenes are intensified with blood and gore. The cinematic sequences are really graphic as they depict soldiers dying in horrible ways in the battlefield.

One of the most controversial missions of the entire series which specifically caused public outcry was in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009), where the players were disguised as a Russian militant whose entire squad opens fire at innocent civilians.


14. Gears of War Series

Gears of War 3 The Most Gory Game Ever

Gears of War franchise allows players to use heavy weapons such as machine guns, grenades, and chainsaws to shoot, slice and stomp on alien creatures. A lot of these creatures don’t die out easily either, as evident by their bloody bodies attempting to continue fighting, with many of them even exploding with a splatter of blood (when attacked with certain in-game weapons).

The players too show a lot of blood when they are injured and the game promotes violence by giving players awards for creative kills such as performing a finishing move on an alien that results in a gory display of crushing skulls, dismemberment or decapitation.

Gears of War: Judgment (2013) is the most recent and arguably the most violent title in the entire series.


13. Bulletstorm (2011)

Bulletstorm (2011)

There are many violent video games in the world but developers Epic Games and People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm is one of the few that takes pride in carnage. This game rewards players for not only killing the opponents in a traditional fashion, but for shredding them with creative “Skillshots” and shooting them in private areas such as the buttocks.

A lot of criticism was even aimed at the naming of certain types of kills such as “topless” for cutting people in half and “Gang bang” for killing a group. Bulletstorm also awards players handsomely with points (which they can use to upgrade their weapons) for head and groin shots.


12. NeverDead (2012)

NeverDead (2012)

Designed to be especially crazy, NeverDead’s demon hunting protagonist is essentially immortal, allowing him to get broken up and yet stay alive. Players witness him being torn apart limb by limb and then watch his body parts hop around to reattach again. Players can even roll his disembodied head into hard-to-reach places for fun.

This bloody and violent video game is definitely not for the young eyes as players even shoot and slash enemies into bloody pulps using a variety of guns and blades. Cinematic scenes only add to the violence by showing the extreme action in slow motion, including graphic impalements and beheadings.


11. The Darkness Series

Darkness II (2012)

Not only is there a lot of profanity and drugs in this popular first person shooter series, it also allows players to kill hundreds of people and beasts throughout the game with usual weaponry such as rifles, pistols and swords as well as with unique supernatural abilities such “Demon Arms” that literally rip people apart.

To be specific, players can literally tear out hearts, remove spines and decapitate people and creatures. Blood and gore are prime elements in this game’s visual design therefore you can expect a lot of “glorified” violence in there (specially in 2012’s The Darkness II).


10. Dead Island Series

Dead Island: Riptide (2013)

Dead Island is a very brutal zombie centric survival horror role-playing game series that has players obliterating, ripping and beheading tons of zombies with explicit visual details. Usable weapons include a wide array of both long-range and melee weapons. It also allows players to stomp on the un-dead zombie’s head with realistic cracking and splashing sound effects.

This game is also laden with very strong profanity, alcohol consumption and strong sexual references. Dead Island: Riptide (2013) being the most latest installment offers the most graphic content so far in the entire series.


9. Dead Rising Series

Dead Rising (2006)

Dead Rising is an extremely popular open world brawler video game series that combines ridiculous amounts of blood with hilarity at the same time. The conspiracy-theory centric story makes the game interesting but players will find real enjoyment from simply running around and finding new ways to massacre the massive hordes of wandering zombies.

The entire series offers some really tempestuous level of thrashing and smashing as just about anything can be picked up and used as a weapon to smash the zombies (though 2013’s Dead Rising 3 takes the cake).


8. Postal Series

Postal 2 (2003)

Postal series is one of the most controversial first person shooter series out there. Postal 2 (2003) in particular was probably the most violent video game of 2003 and was banned in several countries as the game allowed players to frequently drop-kick grenades, whip scythes at unsuspecting civilians and wreak havoc onto characters that refuse to participate in player’s life story. It was the epitome of senseless, over-the-top video game violence that also included a lot of profanity and sexual innuendos (which nonetheless helped it to gain a lot of popularity).

Apart from Postal 2, the entire series is filled to the brim with outrageous content such as usage of cat carcasses as silencers on guns, hitting people with heavy cow heads and having dogs play fetch with the severed heads of torn up victims.