15 Most Expensive Things Bought By Nicolas Cage

POSTED BY Tayyab Khalil, UPDATED ON February 23rd, 2024
Most Expensive Things Bought by Nicolas Cage

Having a net worth of $150 million at one point, Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage sure knew how to spend his boatloads of money. Known for his eccentric spending habits along with his tumultuous movie career, here are the 15 most expensive things bought by Nicolas Cage:


15. Leaf Cay Island

Leaf Cay Island

While buying a house is quite a steady accomplishment for the average Joe, that is not good enough for the rich and famous. Celebrities are no strangers to owning Islands for their private use and such a list includes Johnny Depp, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Celine Dion, etc.

Of course, Nicolas Cage is not an exception as he purchased the tropical Leaf Cay Island. Located on the south of Bock Cay, Bahamas, and having a size of 35 acres, the actor purchased it for $3 million.


14. Midford Castle

Midford Castle

Owning a private island was not enough for Nicolas Cage as he went the extra mile ahead by buying Midford Castle. The 18th-century castle is spread over 295 acres of land and consists of 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms, several garages, and stores.

Best of all, the castle comes with its private security. Cage bought the castle for $6.3 million in 2007 and spent even more millions on remodeling it. However, the actor did not own it for long as he sold it just two years later.


13. Schloss Neidstein Castle

Schloss Neidstein Castle

Make no mistake about it. Nicolas Cage owned not one but two European castles fit for a king. Located in Etzelwang, Germany, the Schloss Neidstein Castle consists of 28 rooms which include 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 165 hectares of meadows and forests.

Cage bought the 11th-century castle in 2006 but did not own it for too long either. In 2009, the actor sold it to his German advisor and lawyer Konrad Wilfurth.



12. The Very First Superman Comic

The Very First Superman Comic

Nicolas Cage’s love for Superman is no secret. He named his second son Kal-El (Superman’s birth name) and became very close to playing the superhero in Tim Burton’s canceled movie Superman Lives to the point of screen tests in costume.

Therefore, it should come as no shock that Cage would purchase a near-mint copy of Action Comics #1. Released in 1938, the edition featured the debut of Superman and has since become a collector’s item. The actor bought it for $150,000.


11. Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini

Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini

Fresh off the massive success of hit movies Con Air and Face/Off, Nicolas Cage was in the mood for shopping. In 1997, the actor purchased a 1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ in an auction for $450,000.

Along with its V12 engine and a capacity of 440 brake horsepower, the Lamborghini also had a fair share of history as it was previously owned by none other than the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Not so surprisingly, that is not the only car he owns. This brings us to …


10. Rolls Royce Collection

Rolls Royce Collection

By June 2004, he had owned up to 50 cars and 30 motorcycles. Having just one Rolls Royce car is enough to epitomize your status symbol but not for Nicolas Cage.

The actor owns a whopping ninety-one Rolls Royce cars! Apart from his Rolls Royce collection, Cage also spent $1 million on a Ferrari Enzo, just one of only 349 ever made.


9. A Haunted Mansion

A Haunted Mansion

Fans of American Horror Story: Coven would be familiar with the LaLaurie Mansion. Spread over 10,000 square feet and consisting of 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, one might imagine it as a luxurious mansion but at one point, it was the farthest thing from it. In the 1800s, Madame Delphine LaLaurie brutally tortured and murdered her slaves in it.

Following her departure, the mansion has been rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of the dead slaves. Ever the fan of the supernatural, Nicolas Cage purchased the allegedly haunted mansion for $3.4 million in 2007.


8. Four Luxury Yachts

Four Luxury Yachts 1

A-list actors and successful businessmen are bound to own a luxury yacht but this is Nicolas Cage we are talking about! He owned not one but four luxury yachts. One of them had an onboard Jacuzzi and a restaurant on the lower deck.

Quite impressive but not impressive enough for Cage. The actor spent $20 million on redesigning the yacht which resulted in 12 master bedrooms, a lounge, a bridge, and a study room.


7. Gulfstream Jet

Gulfstream Jet

Owning a private jet for private use certifies a celebrity’s wealthy status. Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham, Tom Cruise, etc. own one too and so does Nicolas Cage. As one of his most expensive items, the actor spent $30 million on a Gulfstream jet.

The luxurious plane included a conference room, a kitchen, and even a mini-bar with onboard staff readily available to cook meals for the passengers. As far as the technical aspects of the jet are concerned, it is powered by Rolls Royce BR710 turbofan engines and can travel 7300 nautical miles in approximately 14 hours.


6. Pygmy Shrunken Heads

Pygmy Shrunken Heads

Nicolas Cage’s fascination with the strange and oddities knows no bounds. Surely a haunted mansion was not enough to fill his bizarre appetite as the actor certainly knows a thing or two about going too far.

For decoration purposes, the Cage prefers pygmy shrunken heads instead of conventional items such as a vase, candle stands, or whatever we regular folk use.


5. Meteorite


Even a meteorite was not spared from being a target of Nicolas Cage’s extravagant spending habits. The actor spent $25,000 on a piece of a meteorite that had landed in Nigeria in 1962.

He even had its authenticity verified by NASA which confirmed that the rock indeed belonged to Mars and was approximately 3 million years old.


4. 15 Homes

15 Homes

Perhaps Nicolas Cage was not so keen on sleeping in his haunted mansion. In a series of shopping sprees that defy all logic, he owned 15 expensive residences. The actor spent $25 million on a waterfront home in Newport, California, $15.7 million on a countryside estate in Newport, Rhode Island, and $8.5 million on a house in Las Vegas.

Cage’s shopping had merely begun. He also owned a $17.5 million residence in Bel Air, California, $3.45 million on an abode in New Orleans’ Garden District, $10 million on a Malibu beach home, and $9.4 million on a mansion in San Francisco that comes with its wine cellar. 


3. Pyramid Tombstone

Pyramid Tombstone

Due to his lavish lifestyle, it only makes sense for Nicolas Cage to go out in style. The actor has bought a nine-foot-tall pyramid tombstone as his final resting place. Located in New Orleans, the tombstone is engraved with the Latin text “Omnia Ab Uno”, which translates to “Everything From One.”

Despite the tomb being empty, it already has been attracting a large variety of tourists and even has marks of red lipstick kisses from fans. Oddly enough, the cemetery also has the grave of Marie Laveau, the queen of Voodoo.


2. Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets

Believe it or not, Nicolas Cage has his very own reptile house on his estate but that does not even scratch the surface of the exotic pets he owns. He spent $150,000 on an octopus alone. That is a fair price because Cage claimed that his pet octopus serves as his acting coach.

Additionally, the actor also owns a crocodile and a pair of albino king cobras. So, does Nicolas Cage have a pet fit for regular people? Yes, but there is a twist. The actor has a pet cat with him he once took hallucinogenic magic mushrooms.


1. Dinosaur Skull

Dinosaur Skull

To say Nicolas Cage is an animal lover would be an understatement. Undoubtedly the weirdest item on the list, the actor purchased a fossilized skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a Natural History Manhattan auction for $276,000. Oddly enough, he outbid none other than Leonardo DiCaprio to own the dinosaur skill.

Cage’s happiness after owning the dinosaur skull was short-lived as it was soon discovered that it was smuggled out of Mongolia. As a gesture of goodwill, the actor voluntarily returned the dinosaur skull to the Mongolian government.

This concludes our list of the most expensive things bought by Nicolas Cage. Feel free to share your views in the comments below! 

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