15 Best Feminist Movies Of All Time

POSTED BY Aena Rasheed, UPDATED ON January 30th, 2024
Best Feminist Movies of All Time

While you see women conquering every aspect of a career-driven world, the most prominent and consistent successes you will observe lie in the entertainment industry. It carries significant performances from women of every color and race. It is not fair at all to our women artists. But here we go with the best of all time, for the sake of it. Fair warning though, you might get spoilers along the way as much as you will get feminist supremacy. Here are our 15 best feminist movies of all time:


15. Moana (2016)

Moana 2016

We have all grown up watching Disney movies. We all know what the basic theme lies within each movie; the prince saves the princess by singing a bunch of songs and they live happily ever after. But Disney surprised everyone with Moana. It was a progressive animated movie about a teenage girl who did not need to save. Instead, she saved her whole family and tribe by going on a journey to the sea, even though it was considered a dangerous thing to go past the ocean.

She takes the lead, without relying upon anyone. She forces herself through tough challenges to find herself above the traditional expectations of being merely a chief. She represents a young woman, capable of achieving big things with just a little faith and bravery.


14. Moxie (2021)

Moxie 2021

If you are looking for the perfect binge about feminism, you should opt for Moxie. This movie is based on the sexist rituals that are followed and surround young girls, daily. Even in the early ages of high school life. However, this group of young girls, find their way through school by making a rebellious protest against their school life.

The lead character (played by Hadley Robinson) serves as the strong leader, who drives the whole school to a powerful union of girls where they can stand up for their rights and make relevant changes in their school.


13. Legally Blonde (2001)

Legally blonde 2001

Legally Blonde was one of the most-early films to have depicted feminism in its most raw form. A girl (played by Reese Witherspoon) who was believed to be dumb because of her pretty and girlish attire was transformed into this self-motivating individual. She did not need anyone to help her get into one of the highest-ranked colleges in the world, Harvard.

Even though her motivation to get into Harvard was because of her boyfriend, she ended up realizing her importance at the end of the movie. She not only managed to win a big legal case but rejected the guy who had deemed her dumb. She showed resilience and willingness to compete regardless of the sexism displayed by society.


12. Hairspray (2007)

Hairspray 2007 best feminist film

Who doesn’t love musicals? This old classic is a bit different than the perky ones we usually sing along to on our screens. It depicts the idea that women do not need to be of a certain color or size to achieve their dreams.

Even women who wear plus sizes can have happiness, careers, and friends, that last a lifetime. It even breaks down racial barriers when the protagonist learns dance movies from her black friends.


11. Hidden Figures (2016)

Hidden Figures 2016

You might have never heard of this movie because it represents black feminism and that too, in the most inspiring way possible. Have you ever heard of a story depicting three African black women, who made their way into NASA using their mathematical brilliance? No?

Well, because these kinds of things are always overshadowed. And this is a true story. You will find these three gorgeous women battling a sexist and racist environment, only to climb their way to the top and win the space race between America and the Soviet Union.


10. Erin Brockovich (2000)

Erin Brokovich 2000

This is another inspiring and real-life story of how a woman helped save her neighborhood from fatal contamination. She learns that a plant of a company near her community, Pacific Gas and Electric Company had been contaminating the water that runs through the neighborhood. That too, deliberately whilst people suffered from cancers and other illnesses.

We find her (played by Julia Roberts) battling a lawsuit against the company with a few other members and winning the case with exceptional willpower and bravery. And the cherry on top is that she did not have much legal education on her resume, yet she still managed to win the case with exceptional brilliance.


9. Wadjda (2012)

best feminist film Wadjda 2012

This story involves the story of an 11-year-old girl. It does make you think that even girls at such a young age have to face discrimination in simple matters.

It follows the story of a young Muslim girl who sees her friend, Abdullah, riding a bicycle and shows interest in doing the same. However she faces societal and family restrictions in pursuing this interest. She beats all odds by competing in a Quran recitation competition and winning the award money to buy a bicycle.


8. Bombshell (2019)

Bombshell 2019

The movie is about the sexual harassment faced by women daily. You can see even privileged women, with high statuses, facing such rude behavior in their workplaces. This movie represents harassment on political platforms.

It shows how rude compliments are also considered harassment, unlike what the world likes to portray. And then we see these women battle and expose one man, who had been abusing his status in the industry.


7. Whip It (2009)

Whip-it 2009

This movie is from the category of movies that make you feel good. But it poses a strong message of feminism. It depicts how a young, pretty girl is born for pageants.

She is forced to wear, dress, and even talk pretty. But then she is exposed to the world of roller derby. She finds herself exhilarated at this opportunity and wins the battle with flying colors, just as a happy teenage movie usually ends. However, with a subtle hint of feminism embedded within.


6. Wild (2014)

Wild 2014

Wild involves the story of a struggling woman who takes on a mission of self-discovery when she goes hiking for 1100 miles. This inspiring story tells us how devastating certain situations can be, and even then, one can come out strong and eventually, happy.

The woman is seen struggling with even more problems on her hike, but she encounters them all with her head held high and her spirits strong. Moreover, you also see her sentimental side where she leaves a poetry trail in her footsteps as she moves along her way, to the horizon.


5. The Day I Became a Woman (2000)

The Day I Became a Woman 2000

This movie is of Iranian origin and defines the growth of a woman at three different stages. It breaks down the societal barriers that women face during their lives throughout the movie. First, the girl is shown at the age of 9, then she is shown at an older age where she can ride bicycles along with her female competitors against the norm but is being chased by her husband’s family.

I mean, that scene is just epic, showcasing how women want to run away from societal barriers. Lastly, at the age where she can buy anything that she desires, win in life, and be financially independent.


4. The Headless Woman (2008)

best feminist flick The headless woman 2008

The plot in this movie represents how much power people can impose if they are of higher status. It depicts a woman who is in a state of shock, having murdered a young boy. But she is unsure of the scenario that has occurred.

The audience who follows her in the dark is kept in the dark because there is no concrete evidence displayed in the movie as to what might have happened, much like justice which does not always pursue the footsteps of women.


3. Vagabond (2019)

Vagabond 2019

Vagabond is an interesting take on how women are perceived by the opposite gender in this society.  It follows the investigation of a woman who was found frozen amidst the countryside.

During that investigation, we see tens of people coming to meet this free, young woman who lives from place to place and no place consistently. Women are mostly empathetic while some are jealous of their state and freedom.  While the men just pinpoint sexist remarks on her.


2. The Help (2011)

The Help 2011

This movie features a journalist who has taken it upon herself to describe the perspective of two of her black maids. She beautifully depicts their story and how the world is fixated on not complying with giving the respectable position deserved by these ladies.

She finds the hurdles and obstacles that are deliberately placed in their way. The book is written, and it is found that it was not just these two ladies who had to say something about their situation.


1. Becoming Jane (2007)

best feminist movie Becoming jane 2007

This movie is a biographical drama based on the writer of numerous books, Jane Austen. We see a young Jane refusing to marry a wealthy guy based on a loveless marriage.

She later finds herself in love with an Irishman. The title is ambiguous on the fact that is it becoming a woman or a writer? But we can see her grow into this strong, capable woman.

Did we miss any worthy title on our list of the best feminist movies of all time? Let us know in the comments below! 

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