15 Best Bruce Campbell Movies of All Time

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15 Best Bruce Campbell Movies of All Time

The Michigan born Bruce Lorne Campbell is a man of many talents. An actor, director, voice artist, producer and even an author of a book, he is well known in the show bizz industry. Better known as a cult actor, his famous works include donning the role of Ash Williams in Evil Dead. Bruce has been a part of many low budget films, big successes of box offices and has even featured in some of the very popular TV series like X-Files. Without any further delay, we will take a look at 15 best Bruce Campbell movies of all time that you should definitely watch:


15. Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)

Man with the Screaming Brain 2005 Movie

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This sci-fi comedy has Bruce Campbell written all over it. From being the director to the writer to the lead actor, it is all a one man show. The plot of the movie is unique.

A scientist manages to bring amalgamate the brains of a wealthy business man and a Russian taxi driver, both killed by the same woman. Polar opposites in nature but now in a single body, the movie shows how they form a partnership in their vengeance against a common enemy.


14. Terminal Invasion (2002)

Terminal Invasion 2002

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This sci-fi has Bruce Campbell taking the role of a convict who is being transported to another facility but a car accident has them change their destination (because of extreme snow) to a nearby private airport.

The start of the movie might have misled some into believing it is a crime action flick. Soon enough, however, the plot twists reveal that there are aliens amongst the people in airport, all in human disguise.

The pilot who refuses to take off in such weather conditions is played by a lovely Chase Masterson. With a wide range of characters in the form of passengers, the movie will have you guessing which of them is an alien and there will be major surprises! While the plot itself is not unique, Bruce Campbell with his charm certainly earns the movie good points.


13. Alien Apocalypse (2005)

Alien Apocalypse 2005

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This sci-fi horror venture, written and directed by Josh Becker, stars the famous Bruce Campbell as an astronaut, along with Renee O’Connor, who both arrive back on Earth after 40 years in a space mission. To their surprise, the human race has been subjugated to slavery by alien bugs.

Just like any patriotic human would, Ivan and Kelly (Bruce and Renee) take it upon themselves to save the human population from unworthy aliens’ control.


12. Going Back (1984)

Going Back 1984 Romantic Movie

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Ron Teachworth’s romantic flick is an amazing experience that is much like an old man reminiscing his stories that you can relate to. The mood of the film is delicately set, nothing is overdone.

In fact the lead actors, Bruce Campbell and Christopher Howe, who star the young students who set out to explore the countryside and meet the interesting old man Jack, are perfect for their respective roles. While one finds a shadow of father in Jack, the other falls for a local girl. They return to this memorable place four years later but find that things have changed.


11. Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989)

Sundown The Vampire in Retreat 1989 Horror Flick

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Who knew even vampires use cosmetics. Yes, you read it right. In this horror comedy, directed by Anthony Hickox, features vampires using sun cream.

Bruce Campbell stars as the famous vampire Van Helsing. The movie is a comedy based on lounge for vampires in a lonely American town where a relative of Van Helsing arrives. Not to worry, these vampires do not scare, they only make you laugh.


10. Maniac Cop 2 (1990)

Maniac Cop 2 1990

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While we all may support the vigilante killing by superheroes, the good cop played by Bruce Campbell in William Lustig’s crime movie thinks otherwise and so he puts to rest the maniac vigilante cop who hands out justice according to his likes.

All seems well and the good cop Jack Forrest is ready to move on but it seems the vigilante cop is back from the dead and killing again. It is once again on Jack to restore peace and norms.


9. My Name is Bruce (2007)

Bruce Campbell plays Bruce Campbell in a comedy venture directed by himself. That’s Bruce-ception! The main theme here is that, Bruce is living his ordinary life, which is still interesting in itself, when his teenage fans who believe that the hero from Evil Dead has actual fighting skills, kidnap him to help them face a real life monster.

Not only does he need to save his reputation, he also wants to create an impression on one of the teen’s mother for which he reluctantly takes up the task of facing the real life monster.


8. The Love Bug (1997)

If you treat your car well, it can not only win you races but also your crushes. Herbie, a Volkswagen car with a mind of its own is found in a junkyard by Hank Cooper, played by Bruce Campbell. Bruce mends it and enters a race, winning the race and the girl he desires.

Enter villain Simon Moore III, who has another car made but an evil one named Horace and now intends to go after Cooper and his girlfriend. A remake of the 1968 version, this comedy is directed by Peyton Reed and makes for a good light weekend movie.