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15 Best Cowboy Movies Of All Time

Best Cowboy Movies of All Time

Western movies have their own unique style and fervor. This cowboy genre has triggered the professional careers of many actors, helping them in becoming a symbol of manliness. It is always a bit tough to rank so many classic movies against each other but one thing’s for sure the ’60s era will dominate the list…. Read More »

15 Best Serial Killer Movies Of All Time

Best Serial Killer Movies of All Time

Deep down, everyone is fascinated by serial killers. We want to know what makes them do it, how they could feel no remorse for what they have done, and why they don’t value other people’s lives. This fascination makes films about serial killers very popular as it gives a chance to get inside the mind… Read More »

7 Oscar Winning Hollywood Movies Remade In Bollywood

Oscar Winning Hollywood Movies Remade in Bollywood

It’s not a hidden fact that lots of Indian movies have been highly inspired by Hollywood movies, some of those ending up as ‘big hits’ at the box office, whereas the others ended up as flops. Although it is common for Bollywood to rework Hollywood films certain Indian directors were brave enough to have even… Read More »

10 Best Sports Movies Of All Time

Best Sports Movies of All Time

Sports teach us a lot of things including ‘how to face a defeat’ and ‘how to celebrate a win’, and those of us who are passionate about any sport have witnessed many unforgettable events in our lives that remain captured in our memories. Generally, sports movies attract a specific group of people but even those… Read More »

15 Best Murder Mystery Movies Of All Time

Best Murder Mystery Movies of All Time

‘Alfred Hitchcock’ was the mastermind who gained legendary status in the cinematic history of the ‘murder mystery’ genre and this list could easily have contained all of Hitchcock’s movies, but we’ve tried to give our readers a blend of old and new thrilling, scintillating and nerve-wracking films. The courtroom mystery films have not been considered… Read More »

15 Best Survival Movies Of All Time

Best Survival Movies of All Time

King Solomon s/o King and Prophet David once said, and so is written in the book of Proverbs, ‘The prudent see danger and take refuge…’.  Survival doesn’t happen just by chance but by profound wisdom, rightful strategy, strong willpower, and tremendous courage, and survival movies need to be very carefully filmed, structured, and directed. This is a particularly… Read More »