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Top 10 Assault Rifles Of All Time

Top 10 Assault Rifles of All Time

An assault rifle is defined as a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. Assault rifles are the standard infantry weapons in most modern armies. Assault rifles are categorized between light machine guns, which are intended more for sustained automatic fire in a light support role, and submachine guns, which fire… Read More »

70 Amazing Facts About Your Body

Amazing Facts About Your Body

In our ongoing quest for wonderful facts about all manner of things, we have put together this list, a great list of some amazing facts about your body. These are the most wonderful things about our bodies that, hopefully, are new to most of our readers: Your hair is almost indestructible. The brain operates on… Read More »

10 Cool Concept Cars

Cool Concept Cars

For all those car lovers who hallucinate beyond the typical cars, we bring a collection of the top 10 concept cars. Going by the definition, a concept car is a prototype made to showcase an idea, new styling, technology, and more. Concept cars are getting increasingly popular as manufacturers are taking consumers’ wants and need… Read More »

10 Facts About Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a Hermaphrodite

Need to know 10 interesting facts about Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga, a recording artist and fashionista, is everywhere. She is most well-known for her crazy outfits and catchy dance-pop, but here are some things you may not know about Gaga.   Fact 1 She was musical from the start. Gaga learned to play the piano… Read More »

10 World’s Smallest Things

10 World's Smallest Things

Have you ever wondered about the smallest things in the world? Let’s admit, most people have the world’s biggest stuff at their fingertips but when it comes to the smallest, most people don’t even have a clue. That’s the reason, here we have compiled a list of the world’s smallest things:   10. The Smallest… Read More »

Top 10 Celebrities Who Died Young

Top 10 Celebrities Who Died Young

There’s nothing more depressing than a person dying before they’ve reached their peak. And while plenty of people pass away before they should, it’s the celebrities we hear the most about because we can’t help but wonder what else they could have done had they lived a little longer. Here are the top 10 celebrities… Read More »