15 World War II Myths Debunked

World War 2 Myths Debunked

A battle as destructive and wide-ranging as World War II naturally brings many myths that are assumed to be authentic, even if they aren’t. Most of these myths have been disproved many times, but some of them still exist as fringe conspiracies or rumors held by outsider scholars. This war was a very complicated global… Read More »

The Deadliest Warriors Of All Time

The Deadliest Warriors of All Time

Throughout history, countless combat soldiers have brought honor and pride to their forces. Of course, some types of warriors stand out for having unleashed truly amazing levels of havoc. Here are some of the most effective and deadliest warriors of all time:   3. Horse Archers Horse archers formed the basis of many formidable ancient… Read More »

The Hardest Military Recruitment Processes In The World

The Hardest Military Recruitment Processes in the World

So you once had a job interview where you were interviewed for over an hour and then had to take a number of computer and numerical literacy tests. As part of the recruitment process, your employer might even have completed a background check or asked a wide range of challenging questions. Emerging from that particular… Read More »

The Guns That Shot US Presidents

The Guns Which Shot US Presidents

Out of the five shootings that have occurred in American history, only one President survived; that was Ronald Reagan. The other four; Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F Kennedy; died. Now raise your hand if you’ve thought about the guns that shot US Presidents. We know that we haven’t other than the… Read More »

4 Most Dangerous Recent Middle East Targeted Malwares

4 Most Dangerous Recent Middle East Targeted Malwares

Looks like the USA, Europe, and UK aren’t the only ones to cry about malware attacks and increased internet security conspiracies. The latest to join them is the Middle East; the rich Gulf peninsula now trying to ward off Internet malware and going into its own virtual war. Two breaches in two weeks, Internet prowlers… Read More »

6 Failed Weird Fighting Inventions

Failed Weird Fighting Inventions

Many children grow up wanting to be famous inventors, like Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell. However, many grow up to fall into another category of inventors: “crackpot”. How these people managed to fund these bizarre operations is a mystery unto itself. For every valuable and useful invention that is invented, there is usually an… Read More »