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Top 9 Online Classified Ads Sites

Top 9 Online Classified Ads Sites

With the advent of the internet, there has been a huge turnaround in business promotion techniques. While mainstream marketing techniques have changed a lot, a huge change has been seen in the classified ads department. People used to pay the local newspapers to get their ads displayed in their classified sections. But now people prefer… Read More »

20 Best Mystery Movies Of All Time

Best Mystery Movies of All Time

The mystery is often associated with the thriller genre. The plot of such films usually centers on the intelligence, ability to work under pressure, confidence, and cunning of the protagonist as it tries to unveil the mysterious factors by seeking evidence and pulling clues together. This is one of the most popular genres of classic… Read More »

15 Best Horror Movies Of All Time

Best Horror Movies of All Time

Despite an evergreen critical backlash from critics towards most horror films these days, horror cinema always keeps on thriving with classic titles hitting the theaters every once in a while. Focused totally on enticing reactions and riding on a roller coaster of terror, shock, gore, and disgust, to some horror cinema is better than any… Read More »

15 Best Werewolf Films Of All Time

Best Werewolf Films of All Time

Werewolf legend has always been a fascinating genre for years. The legend has strong roots in European folklore. A number of films have been made about the Werewolf legend and some have produced a cult following. Following is our list of the 15 best werewolf films ever:   15. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004) Ginger… Read More »

15 Best Black Comedy Movies Of All Time

Best Black Comedy Movies of All Time

A dark comedy or black comedy is a sub-genre of comedy and satire which deals with otherwise serious and solemn subjects of life and addresses them in a light humorous way. This genre of movies is much loved and popular among movie junkies. We today have compiled a list of the 15 best black comedy… Read More »

12 Best Female Video Game Characters Ever

Best Female Video Game Characters Ever

Most often the best female video game characters are not admired for their bravery or guts but are rather ranked for the sensuality they depict. Innumerable bows to feminine beauty sideways, we tried to determine a few of the most optimistically expressed female characters that are ruling virtual gaming today. Let’s take a look at… Read More »