12 of the Best Female Video Game Characters Ever

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 15th, 2019

Best Female Video Game Characters

Most often the best female video game characters are not admired for their bravery or guts but are rather ranked for the sensuality they depict. Innumerable bows to feminine beauty sideways, we tried to determine a few of the most optimistically expressed female characters that are ruling the virtual gaming today. Let’s take a look at the most astonishing female video game characters ever:


12. Alyx Vance

alyx vance

Alyx is a flawless, pragmatic and independent beauty from the popular Half-Life series and has great hacking and athletic skills. She plays a vital role in the resistance staged against the aliens and their puppet Dr. Breen.

Apart from having a very attractive appearance, Alyx is second to none when it comes to both melee and armed combat.


11. The Boss

the boss

The Boss aka Voyevoda is a heroic American martyr from the legendary Metal Gear Solid series who is applauded for developing a character with extreme courage, strength, and bravery. She is a symbol of everlasting and an indomitable sense of dignity that is not ever shaken by the blues of her gender – despite her never-ending feminine charm.

Honorable Mention: Naomi is another Metal Gear Solid beauty that deserves a mention here too!


10. Jennifer Tate

Jennifer Tate

Beautifully voiced by Hudson Leick from the fame of Xena: Warrior Princess. Jennifer ‘Jen’ Tate is an attractive warrior from 2003’s action game, Primal. Before the abduction of her boyfriend and becoming a fearsome warrior and mastering the ability to take various demonic forms, Jen started out as a mere waitress.

The emotional aspect of her personality truly amplifies her looks.


9. Jade


Jade is from Beyond Good & Evil series,  and a much underrated (in beauty department obviously) female video game character who happens to be a journalist determined to face all the opposing winds thrown against her by the notorious alien race known as DomZ.

Thanks to her extensive martial arts knowledge, and green lipstick (if that counts), nothing can beat Jade in pursuing her mission.


8. Female Commander Shepard

female commander shepard

The female Commander Shepard from the ever-popular Mass Effect series is as competent as her male counterpart in all aspects but when it comes to lethal sweeping and killer looks, she easily takes the crown.

The character has a unique distinction of being the chosen one when it comes to its looks as its finalized look was voted by Bioware’s Facebook fans.

Honorable Mention: Miranda and Jack are two other prominent Mass Effect beauties that worth a mention here too!


7. April Ryan

April Ryan

April Ryan from The Longest Journey series is one of the most admired female characters ever portrayed in video games. Although the graphics cannot be called as the stupendous, still the overall illustration of April is something inimitable.

After having a very troubled relationship with her family (especially her father), April is brought to an utterly new world of daydream and imagination but her mocking perceptions help her in coping up with the thrills of her journey.