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Google To Expand Personalized Search Across Desktops And Mobile

Google to Expand Personalized Search

Google has publicized its plans this week for ramping up its search personalization level in order to help its users find what they need faster using simple robust commands. According to Google, users will no longer have to scroll through emails to find information such as flight schedules or recently purchased items, etc. Users will… Read More »

8 Best Gmail Tips And Tricks

Best Gmail Tips and Tricks

Google’s products always give tough competition to its rival software and applications and no matter what kind of cool software or app you come across, some similar Google products would be there all ready to offer you better services. Gmail is the most popular email service used in the world. Although Gmail was introduced seven… Read More »

20 Best Disaster Movies Of All Time

Best Disaster Movies of All Time

From time to time, disaster movies have shown their monetary potential by rocking the box office. They are also one of the most popular themes for directors to make movies on. That is probably because of the vastness of nature, and how little control man has over it. If there is anything we can be… Read More »

15 Best Dragon Movies Of All Time

Best Dragon Movies of All Time

Ever since we were kids, our grandmother would tell us stories about a dragon terrorizing a land and a hero eventually rising to challenge it. Those stories entertained us back then and not much has changed now, for dragon stories are still a popular theme in Hollywood. Most movies depict dragons as a danger to… Read More »

How To Increase Browsing Speed On A PC

How to Increase Browsing Speed on a PC

The browsing speed on a PC is considered largely dependent on the bandwidth of the internet you get. However, sometimes when you are browsing the internet, you get a slow browsing speed despite having a fast internet connection. This is due to several factors that may be slowing down the browsing process. Here today we… Read More »

15 Best Snake Movies Of All Time

Best Snake Movies of All Time

Snakes have been a part of human culture since the early ages. If you read some religious scriptures or go through some history, you’ll see that no other creature has had such an influence on human society as this scaly reptile. And the reptile hasn’t lost its importance in the modern world, where it still… Read More »