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12 Xbox One Exclusive Games That You Shouldn’t Miss

Xbox One Exclusive Games That You Shouldn't Miss

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest next-generation console released on the 22nd of November and is all the rage in the gaming industry right now thanks to its wide and versatile range of exclusive games. All sorts of developers are either getting ready to release games specifically catered to Xbox One or are on the… Read More »

10 PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games That You Shouldn’t Miss

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games That You Shouldn't Miss

PlayStation exclusives have always swept the entire gaming world off its feet with sheer quality. The original PlayStation had exclusives such as the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot series, the PlayStation 2 had numerous at the time such as the Jak & Daxter series or the Ratchet & Clank series, the PlayStation 3 had The Last… Read More »

20 Best World War 2 Games Of All Time

Best World War 2 Games of all Time

World War 2 is without any doubt an important event in the history of mankind, and we all are connected to it somehow either directly or indirectly. The plain old Good vs. Evil and Allies vs. Axis days have long gone, but fear not, WWII has been faithfully recreated virtually for all those wishing to… Read More »

12 Important Historical Facts That Are Totally Wrong

Important Historical Facts That Are Totally Wrong

Do you think you know your history? Guess not! Over the decades, numerous facts have been mended, exaggerated, and even entirely fabricated and dramatized. The majority of these misconceptions are trusted by the masses and in some weird situations these have even ended up in history books. Do you really think that Lincoln set free… Read More »

25 Best Time Travel Movies Of All Time

Best Time Travel Movies of All Time

The time travel genre is a unique concept that fills the mind with mystery and science fiction mayhem. Time travel films allow audiences to visualize exotic locales and distant eras that they only read about in textbooks. Although technology hasn’t advanced enough for time travel, in reality, this genre is supported by a constant flow… Read More »

15 Costliest Hurricanes Of All Time

Costliest Hurricanes of all Time

Hurricanes are violent wind storms and are among the most destructive forces in nature. Hurricanes have been the cause of massive damage to various regions and have caused several thousand deaths each year. Some hurricanes are small and do relatively little damage while others are giant, causing much mayhem. Some can cause massive water damage… Read More »