19 Things We Want to See in GTA 6

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Things We Want to See in GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto V has been regarded as the pinnacle of the 7th generation video gaming consoles. Even though it brought with it many incredible features never before seen in the series, such as 3 different protagonists, a wide array of new gameplay situations and different types of heists, we feel that even more awesomeness can be done in GTA 6. In fact, Rockstar themselves claimed to have 45 years of ideas left! Well, today we are going to give you 19 of our ideas that we wish to see incorporated into the very next GTA installment:


Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

GTA V showed us just how great the city of Los Santos can be if we added a little snow fall and rain fall. Now imagine if a hurricane or blizzard struck the city? How cool would it be hurrying your player to a shelter to protect him from natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis and even meteorites!

These types of natural disasters will help bring the world to life, especially if they are realistically timed. Perhaps missing the weather on day will spell doom for your player, who just walked to the beach, only to be drowned in a tsunami. Only GTA can incorporate such goofy and fun moments, all the while keeping it realistic.



Religion in gta

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Now before any of you say anything, religion can be successfully incorporated into the GTA type game. We already have numerous strip clubs, why not have a few churches, or mosques, or even temples?

There can be many gameplay aspects as well, such as going to it often will increase your luck or make you friendly with some NPCs. It can even be added to multiplayer, as a type of hub for people to meet and talk.


Alternate Careers

Alternate Careers in gta vi

Since the GTA world is so huge, why not have proper careers for the characters? Players can sign up at a burger shop or an office and work there by playing a mini game and earning a little money.

It can even have a timely thing like it being mandatory for you to go work at your area for at least 2 or 3 times a week. Anything to liven up your routine.


Playable Cop

Playable Cop

Since GTA usually has you play as a bad guy, wouldn’t it be great for Rockstar to let us play as a police man or a police girl for a change? Maybe it can be an undercover cop, so as to not deviate from regular, criminal theme, but the character should has to have access to special police services and cannot commit too heinous of a crime openly.

This will definitely help make things interesting as well as provide more morality choices in the game, such as by forcing the player to choose whether to bomb a building, but be seriously condoned by the police or refusing and blowing your cover.


Huge Ships

Huge Ships in GTA

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Since GTA has the capability of having multiple vehicles, why not big ships like cruise ships or aircraft carriers? May be even exploration ships designed to explore the vast ocean.

This can expand on the open world concept and give us more things to see, like maybe whales or dolphin or other islands. Afterall, if Assassin’s Creed can do it, why not GTA VI?


Military Submarines

GTA Military Submarines

Image Courtesy: gta4-mods.com

Staying in the same lieu as multiple vehicles, a good addition to huge ships can be military submarines. These can allow us to further explore the depths of the ocean and even use on board torpedoes to destroy ships, bridges, and anything else we find around the sea.



Levelution in GTA 6

Los Santos was a huge city, with many different buildings and skyscrapers, but if you crashed into one, there wouldn’t be a single scratch on them. This is highly annoying as it detaches us from the realism of the game. With Battlefield 4 styled destructible skyscrapers, we can cause entire buildings to collapse in order to cause distractions or to crush enemies.

Besides, who doesn’t want to blow up skyscrapers anyway?


Woman Protagonist

GTA 6 Woman Protagonist

Every game we’ve had so far has put us in the shoes of a male protagonist, so it would be nice being able to play the game as a girl.

Not only will society be pleased at the portrayal of a strong, feminine personality, we will also get to experience the game from a female’s point of view. It’s a win-win situation Rockstar!



Children in GTA

The one thing missing from GTA V was children. While Rockstar seemingly preferred to add dogs instead, we believe the series can be enhanced with the addition of children, maybe seen at the park, or in a school bus, etc. Children will make a good impact on the gameplay and generate moral choices that are much harder.

GTA titles are always controversial even without children, so haters gonna hate them with children anyway!


Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows in next GTA

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We already have a few good things to do to pass the time in GTA V, but we need more. Much more. And fashion shows are a great activity.

These shows not only should be crowded but should also have celebs, super models and the elite class. They should also showcase unique clothes that could encourage the players to buy them.