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10 Most Terrifying Horror Movies Based On Real Life Events

Most Terrifying Horror Movies Based on Real Life Events

What makes you feel a bit better after watching a real horror movie? Assuring yourself that it’s only a movie and that the story was all made up. For some movies, it might be true but believe it or not, some of the most terrifying horror movies have been based on or inspired by real-life… Read More »

15 Best Feel Good Movies Of All Time

Best Feel Good Movies of All Time

Some people prefer action movies, some romantic comedies, and some horror movies, but no one can ever say no to ‘feel-good’ movies. Movies that leave you feeling happier, make you ponder about life, love, and family, make you sort out your priorities, or in short make you think. Although this genre can differ from person… Read More »

15 Best Adam Sandler Movies Of All Time

15 Best Adam Sandler Movies of All Time

With a trail of hit comedy movies under his belt, Adam Sandler is considered the most divisive comedian in Hollywood. Never a favorite of the critics, Sandler’s movies still are commercially successful. He is undoubtedly one of the most bankable actors. He started his movie career in 1989 with ‘Going Overboard’. In 1990, he gained… Read More »

15 Best Harrison Ford Movies Of All Time

15 Best Harrison Ford Movies Of All Time

One of the most legendary leading men of Hollywood, Harrison Ford has been responsible for developing two of the most iconic characters in pop culture – Han Solo and Indiana Jones. However before he hit superstardom, Ford struggled as an actor for years. It wasn’t until American Graffiti in 1973 did Ford made a name… Read More »

15 Best Ben Affleck Movies Of All Time

15 Best Ben Affleck Movies of All Time

The new Batman in town has a fair share of failures under his belt but that didn’t stop him from flexing his acting and directing muscles to prove everyone wrong. This handsome actor, producer, and screenwriter is also known for an array of high-profile movies including Gone Girl, Argo, Good Will Hunting, The Town, and… Read More »

15 Best Sean Connery Movies Of All Time

15 Best Sean Connery Movies of All Time

Certain actors are favored for their distinctive looks, some for their extraordinary acting skills, or some for their unique voice, but there are a rare few who possess all three of these qualities; Sir Sean Connery is one of them. Connery is without a doubt one of the most legendary actors Hollywood has to offer…. Read More »