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15 Best Morgan Freeman Movies Of All Time

Best Morgan Freeman Movies of All Time

With a calm demeanor and an authoritative voice, this popular actor has been one of the most influential and well-respected personalities in modern cinema. Morgan Freeman attracted the world’s attention and gained prominence through his roles in Another World, a soap opera, and The Electric Company, a show for children. Since then, Freeman went on… Read More »

15 Best Samuel L Jackson Movies Of All Time

15 best Samuel L Jackson movies of all time

With more than a staggering 162 onscreen appearances, Samuel L. Jackson has managed to carve out a distinct niche as a badass untouchable guy with captivating humor about him. Most of Jackson’s spell-bounding works have come out from collaborating with Quentin Tarantino. Who doesn’t remember the furious anger and vengeance of one of his most… Read More »

15 Best Heath Ledger Movies Of All Time

best heath ledger movies of all time

“Why so serious? … Let’s put a smile on that face.” – Joker, ‘The Dark Knight’. The actor who gave us these spine-chilling lines in a stunning scene was one of the most committed and brilliant actors the film industry has ever seen. Heath Ledger’s untimely demise undoubtedly shocked the film fraternity and movie lovers… Read More »

15 Best Robert Downey Jr Movies Of All Time

15 Best Robert Downey Jr Movies of All Time

Debuting in his father’s movie at the mere age of five, Robert Downey Jr. kept consistently working since then. His career has seen ups and downs – rising in the 80s then drastically falling in the 90s, even flat-lining for a few years, and then soaring high up in the A list. His career hit… Read More »

15 Best Russell Crowe Movies Of All Time

15 Best Russell Crowe Movies of All Time

There are rather few actors who are blessed with the natural skills of a thespian and muscles any action actor would die for, Russell Crowe is indeed one of them. With a career span of more than 20 years, Crowe has proven himself to be one of the greatest and most compelling actors. With an… Read More »

15 Best Mark Ruffalo Movies Of All Time

15 Best Mark Ruffalo Movies of All Time

Before he became the angry yet lovable green superhero, Mark Ruffalo already had an impressive amount of successful movies under his belt. He appeared in more than 50 movies and received numerous accolades for his mesmerizing performances in diverse roles. Breaking hearts in rom-coms, showcasing his acting skills in edgy independent movies finally smashing his… Read More »