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14 Apr

13 Interesting Facts About Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Author | Tayyab Khalil

Interesting Facts about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

It is an enigma like no other. 8th of March 2014 marked the birth of an astonishing mystery as 12 Malaysian crew members, 227 passengers from 14 different nations and the entire 9M-MRO aircraft accommodating the passengers disappeared without even a slightest trace. As the vanishing of the aircraft raised more questions than providing answers, it truly showed how little humans know despite all the latest gadgets and technology. Read More »

9 Feb

15 Shocking Moments in Marvel Comics

Author | Tayyab Khalil

Shocking Moments in Marvel Comics

Founded in 1939 as Timely Comics, the brand known as Marvel Comics has been the leading pioneer in comic books for several decades. With emerging artists such as Jack Kirby and brilliant writers such as Stan Lee to their name, the company paved the way for various other brands in the industry but the throne always belonged to Marvel. From twisted origins to graphic novels, from X-Men to the Avengers, Marvel Comics have undoubtedly become a part of the modern culture. The following list chronicles few of the most memorable and of course shocking moments in Marvel Comics: Read More »

17 Jan

13 Rare & Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

Author | Heather Johnson

 Rare and Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

With less than one month remaining in the most romantic day celebrated throughout the globe, we decided to tease you with over a dozen rare and interesting facts about Valentine’s Day: Read More »

29 Dec

13 Most Memorable Moments of 2013

Author | Tayyab Khalil

most memorable moments of 2013

The year past so swiftly to once again prove that time indeed waits for no man. From disturbing celebrity moments to the second inaugural address of President of the United States of America, citing the year as purely normal one is surely an understatement to say the least. The following list chronicles few of the most memorable moments of 2013 that surely made this year so hellacious for all of us: Read More »

7 Dec

15 Astounding Celebrity Cameos in Comics

Author | Tayyab Khalil

astounding celebrity cameos in comics

The history of comic books dates back to the ancient times when illustrated manuscripts served as tales for the upcoming generations. Modifying the art of such inscription and making them a worldwide iconography, gave birth to comic books. To further extend the worth of the eye-catching strips, creative writers began to include celebrities in the storylines of the most cherished comic book characters and superheroes. The following are fifteen of the most astounding celebrity cameos in comics: Read More »

25 Nov

18 Rare Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Author | Tayyab Khalil

rare facts about Abraham Lincoln

Down on his luck and born to a family that barely earned a dime, Lincoln was destined for greatness and didn’t let any criticism stop him. Preserving the Union, strengthening the economy, Lincoln gave it all he had when the United States of America didn’t seem united at all. Apart from being the tallest American President and winning the Civil War, here are 18 rare facts about Abraham Lincoln:  Read More »