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26 Dec

15 Most Memorable Moments of 2014

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15 Most Memorable Moments of the Year 2014

As the year 2014 draws to a close, let’s take out some time to stroll in the memory lane to see the most unforgettable and shocking moments which left a mark in our subconscious. From devastating stealth invasions to a seventeen-year old education activist winning the Nobel Peace Prize, it is safe to say that the year was truly an extraordinary one. The following list shows fifteen of the most memorable moments of 2014:

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20 Dec

Connection Between the Selfie Craze and Plastic Surgery [Infographic]

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Connection Between the Selfie Craze and Plastic Surgery Infographic

Selfies and plastic surgery, they go together and it’s really no surprise. Think about it. When you have that restoration project sitting in your garage, that classic car that has seen its better days, you can’t help but notice its imperfections. Before you know it, you’re taking it to the body shop for that makeover or doing the overhaul yourself. The same goes for selfies. Read More »

18 Nov

Financial Fraud in the Digital Age [Infographic]

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online theft

Financial fraud has become a lot easier in recent years due to the digital age. With so much access to a variety of information, fraud is a bigger problem than ever before. From corporate crime to identity theft, there are several ways people can embezzle money. Some of the best criminals search your social media sites, phish for information through emails, and monitor your computer activity through spyware. Smartphone users are victimized three times more with the advent of internet on mobile devices. Here today we are going to take a brief look over financial fraud in the digital age and its effects on the global economy: Read More »

4 Nov

Halloween Spending Habits in the UK and US [Infographic]

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Halloween Spending Habits infographic

Has UK seen a record-breaking Halloween in 2014? If you ever wanted to know, now’s your chance. Popular costume retailer allfancydress.com has put together a seasonal infographic with data accumulated from their sales records, to give an indication about Halloween spending habits in the UK and US in October. And of course, it includes a picture of a kitten wearing bat wings. Read More »

19 Oct

15 Weird Outdated Medical Practices

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strange Outdated Medical Practices

The process of taming has been along with man through the process of evolution since his birth. In order to save himself from all possible diseases he went to the extent of using some even hilarious treatment methods. Here is a list of over a dozen weird outdated medical practices that have been around for centuries: Read More »

14 Oct

Top 11 Self Made Billionaires of All Time

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Billionaires who did not inherit wealth

Some people are rich by inheritance, and others make it possible with their arduous efforts and their relentless dedication. Those people who made it possible themselves are role models for all and they inspire everyone else. Such people were not born having silver spoon in their mouth, but they made it possible through their overwhelming efforts. Here is the list of 11 self made billionaires of all time who made it possible with their determination, and hard but smart work: Read More »