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19 Oct

15 Weird Outdated Medical Practices

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strange Outdated Medical Practices

The process of taming has been along with man through the process of evolution since his birth. In order to save himself from all possible diseases he went to the extent of using some even hilarious treatment methods. Here is a list of over a dozen weird outdated medical practices that have been around for centuries: Read More »

14 Oct

Top 11 Self Made Billionaires of All Time

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Billionaires who did not inherit wealth

Some people are rich by inheritance, and others make it possible with their arduous efforts and their relentless dedication. Those people who made it possible themselves are role models for all and they inspire everyone else. Such people were not born having silver spoon in their mouth, but they made it possible through their overwhelming efforts. Here is the list of 11 self made billionaires of all time who made it possible with their determination, and hard but smart work: Read More »

31 Aug

15 Women That Changed Pakistan Forever

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Women That Changed Pakistan Forever

Ever since the War on Terror started after 9/11, Pakistan has been a controversial state. In the midst of all this, many aspects of the country have been misrepresented. In the forefront of this is the position of women, the general consensus seems to be that women are oppressed and suppressed. However, history shows evidence of women that have played a vital role in leading the country, transforming ideologies and making a difference for their people. Here is a list of 15 women that changed Pakistan forever:

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28 Jun

13 Best Gullu Butt Memes to Brighten up Your Day

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best gullu butt memes

“Gullu Butt” became a phenomena in Pakistan recently after this big mustache marauder swung his rods to thrash cars making his way onto television screens nationwide as police officials launched a crackdown on the Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s secretariat in Lahore on June 19. Butt’s actions were openly discussed in all electronic and print media in the country causing public ire and ultimately lead to Butt’s eventual beat up by an angry mob two days later. Read More »

19 Jun

19 Greatest Leaders of Modern History

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Greatest Leaders of modern history

Ordinary individuals realizing that the very first step to change the world begins with changing ourselves first is a perfect description of leadership. Everyone can follow but not everyone has the mentality to lead. Showcasing a motivated attitude with a desire to excel with the passage of time, leadership is a matter of how quickly a person can discover ad expand the exceptionality within. Read More »