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28 Jun

13 Best Gullu Butt Memes to Brighten up Your Day

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best gullu butt memes

“Gullu Butt” became a phenomena in Pakistan recently after this big mustache marauder swung his rods to thrash cars making his way onto television screens nationwide as police officials launched a crackdown on the Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s secretariat in Lahore on June 19. Butt’s actions were openly discussed in all electronic and print media in the country causing public ire and ultimately lead to Butt’s eventual beat up by an angry mob two days later. Read More »

19 Jun

19 Greatest Leaders of Modern History

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Greatest Leaders of modern history

Ordinary individuals realizing that the very first step to change the world begins with changing ourselves first is a perfect description of leadership. Everyone can follow but not everyone has the mentality to lead. Showcasing a motivated attitude with a desire to excel with the passage of time, leadership is a matter of how quickly a person can discover ad expand the exceptionality within. Read More »

21 May

9 Solid Reasons For the End of the World

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Solid Reasons For the End of the World

With so much life and nature bustling around us, its hard for anyone to even imagine about the ultimate end that everything is destined to meet – sooner or later. You don’t need to pay attention to fortune tellers, soothsayers, or the arguers, because we today have compiled a list of nine solid reasons for the end of the world: Read More »

14 Apr

13 Interesting Facts About Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

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Interesting Facts about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

It is an enigma like no other. 8th of March 2014 marked the birth of an astonishing mystery as 12 Malaysian crew members, 227 passengers from 14 different nations and the entire 9M-MRO aircraft accommodating the passengers disappeared without even a slightest trace. As the vanishing of the aircraft raised more questions than providing answers, it truly showed how little humans know despite all the latest gadgets and technology. Read More »