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18 Apr

5 Unforgettable Performances by Iconic Actors In Their Young Age

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Unforgettable Performances by Iconic Actors In Their Young Age

A child’s role is often very integral part to the plot of many movies. We’ve seen many great young performers in Hollywood movies over the years. Ironically most of them couldn’t replicate their onscreen success when they grew older. But, a handful of those who acclaimed tremendous praise for the acts in their young age did go on to achieve the heights of global fame and have become today’s household names. Here are 5 unforgettable performances by Iconic actors in their young age: Read More »

7 Dec

15 Astounding Celebrity Cameos in Comics

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astounding celebrity cameos in comics

The history of comic books dates back to the ancient times when illustrated manuscripts served as tales for the upcoming generations. Modifying the art of such inscription and making them a worldwide iconography, gave birth to comic books. To further extend the worth of the eye-catching strips, creative writers began to include celebrities in the storylines of the most cherished comic book characters and superheroes. The following are fifteen of the most astounding celebrity cameos in comics: Read More »

26 Sep

15 Great Actors Who Never Won an Oscar

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15 actors who never won an Oscar

Ever since its inception, the film industry, under the guise of Hollywood, became a vital part of the America’s cultural and iconic figures. Taking the world by storm, dominating box offices and giving the audience a time worth their hard earned money, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences introduced the Academy Award as a peak of honor for the extra-ordinary individuals who gave it all for the industry. Actors such as Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis may have earned colossal fame and esteem from bagging an Oscar while, on the other hand, many have felt to have been deprived of their rightful distinction. Here today we have compiled a list of such great actors who never won an Oscar and as shocking as it may be the following renowned actors have never even once won an Academy Award even once throughout their entire decorated careers: Read More »

27 Jun

Top 10 Celebrity Holiday Destinations

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Celebrity Holiday Destinations

Jetting off to some exotic holiday destination for a much-needed break is enviable in and of itself, but what could jazz up your holiday anecdotes better than spotting a famous person or two? After all, even celebrities need a respite from the hassles of daily life. So if you’re lucky enough to visit one of the following celebrity holiday destinations, you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous! Read More »

11 Jun

The Cars Celebrities Drive: The Good, The Bad, And The Outrageous

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Cars Celebrities Drive

It comes as no surprise that celebrities i.e. actors and actresses, singers and rappers, comedians, etc. make pretty decent money doing what they love to do. Therefore, these famous stars have the ability to splurge on different items including, but not limited to: homes, vacations, and most notably, cars. Let’s take a look at some great cars celebrities drive, and the outrageous amounts shelled out in order to ride in style.

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27 May

4 Ways To Party Like The Rich and Famous

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Party Like The Rich and Famous

When we mere mortals throw a party we invite our friends, put some food on little cocktail sticks and make a playlist. We then look on in envy at the parties of the rich and famous and fantasize about the kind of bash we would throw if we had millions to spend. But even though we’ll never have PDiddy’s riches, here is how you can throw a party like the rich and famous on a lemonade budget. Read More »