Top 5 New Trendy Hobbies Of The Moment

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 2nd, 2023
New Trendy Hobbies of the Moment

Hobbies are those activities that you enjoy doing usually during your downtime. Often, when we meet others, one of the first questions that are asked is “What is your favorite hobby?” This question serves to help people get to know one another better. That is because hobbies are an indication of a person’s personality traits. For example, if an individual listed painting as a hobby, you could infer that they are artistic, whereas if a person said that they enjoy stock car racing, it may be safe to assume that they have an adventurous side. Many people use hobbies as a relaxing way to escape from work, while other people view hobbies as a passionate endeavor. Some of the most common and popular hobbies include reading, fishing, gardening, sewing, crafts, dancing, and team sports. However, there are a few hobbies that have become rather popular and are considered trendy hobbies. Listed are the top five new trendy hobbies of the moment.


Social Networking

Socializing has always been considered a hobby by most people. However, with the advent of certain social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, and LinkedIn, many people have taken their socializing to cyberspace.

People’s schedules have become increasingly hectic and that does not leave much room for social interaction, however, with social networking, individuals can keep in contact with friends and relatives through picture sharing, gaming, and status updating.



Journaling is not necessarily a trendy hobby however the way that people are journaling nowadays is. Blogging is a way for anybody to express their feelings, opinions, and personal expertise about anything.

The cool new thing about it is, that your blog or online journal is available on the internet for millions of people to read, whereas journaling was a largely private venture. Some people are fortunate enough to parlay their blogging hobby into a business.


Learning Tarot Card Readings

Visiting a psychic or obtaining medium readings is also a hobby for many individuals. For some, it is a spiritual experience and others simply want their futures foretold.

Many people are interested in tarot reading and want to learn how to do a reading for personal or even professional purposes. It should be known that not all people practicing psychics are genuine or have your best interests at heart. Some are outright scammers. 


Couponing/Bargain Shopping

Couponing has seen a huge resurgence in the past couple of years, primarily due to the economy, but there are also television shows and online blogging communities that have demonstrated just how much money people can save through couponing. Many people enjoy couponing and bargain shopping because it combines the hobby of shopping and finding a good deal.

Couponing clubs have sprung up in abundance. Bargain shopping is a hobby that allows people the opportunity to socialize and interact with people that share the same interests. This also is a huge draw for lots of people.


Party Planning

Party Planning is a past-time that many people enjoy. Some people enjoy the idea of putting together an attractive, budget-friendly dinner, major event, happy hour, or office party so much that they do it for free. It is the idea of creating something wonderful from nothing that appeals to the creative side of a lot of individuals.

If you are going to be engaging in an activity that consumes a lot of your free time and may possibly take you away from your family then it certainly should be an activity that you enjoy.

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