How Social Media Is Useful For All Ages

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 11th, 2023
How Social Media is Useful For All Ages

Social media is not for any one demographic, age, gender, or race. Social media is for everyone and can be used in nearly all facets of life. From keeping in touch with friends, studying, and looking for employment, to promoting your newest work of art, social media enables you to utilize the resources of the world around you. That’s good for everyone. Here we take a look at how social media is useful for all ages:


It’s a Good Way For Kids to learn the Importance of Internet Privacy at a Young Age

Social Media For Kids

In this day and age, it’s never been more important for children to understand that the Internet can be a dangerous place. Teaching them at a young age how to use ‘preferences’ and ‘settings’ in order to control who can and can’t see their info and pictures could be a powerful life lesson.

In general, kids are going to be exposed to social media through school and friends, so you might as well sit down and show them the ropes so they learn how to use it responsibly. Wouldn’t you hate for your kid to post what you said about your boss during dinner?


It’s a Good Way For Young Adults to Find Employment and Network With Positive Influences

Social Media For Young Adults

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites are full of opportunities for young people to find jobs, meet like-minded friends, and surround themselves with positive influences. Social media can also be an incredibly powerful educational platform for college-age young adults who are taking courses online or in person.

Online tutorials can be shared and integrated into many social networking sites. In fact, many universities now offer courses on how to use and implement social media in life, education, and career pursuits.


It’s a Good Way for Senior Citizens to Stay Connected With Lifelong Friends and Family Members

Social Media For Old People

It’s often thought that older people shouldn’t use social media because they wouldn’t understand it or wouldn’t enjoy it. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, senior citizens, who could be suffering from health problems or depression, stand to gain amazing benefits from being connected to friends and family in new, inspirational ways. Social media can help the elderly to foster hobbies, keep tabs on pictures of grandchildren, and navigate the city in which they live.

While social media is often touted as an interpersonal tool for young adults, it’s of great utility to every age group, kids and senior citizens included. The ability to connect with the world around us from mobile devices and desktops is a freedom that everyone can and should enjoy.

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