18 Interesting Facts About The Oscars

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Interesting Facts About The Oscars

Oscar is the most recognized trophy in the world which is a symbol of great success and honor in film making. Each year these awards are presented to the most recognized contributors to the entertainment industry. With only hours left in the Oscars 2015 ceremony to conclude, we are up with our list of the most interesting facts about the Oscars:


18. Youngest Oscar Winners

Earning an Academy Award is any artist’s dream and they have to give the very best of their performances to even become eligible for such an honor. Some exceptional artists however were both lucky and talented enough to grab an Oscar in quite an early age such as:


Timothy Hutton

Timothy Hutton

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The famous television and film actor Timothy Hutton is best known for his notable films including Playing God and Beautiful Girls. Starting his career with small significant roles on television, he set Hollywood ablaze when he appeared in his first feature film “Ordinary People” in 1980.

He won an Oscar Award for his extraordinary role as a teenager who handles his older brother’s death in Ordinary People. For his role as a supporting actor in Ordinary People, he has been classified as a youngest actor to win an Oscar Award.


Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Fun Facts About the Oscars

Popularly known as famous child star of all time Shirley Temple Black was a singer, dancer and an actress. In 1932, she started working on television when she was as young as three years old.

She progressed to become a superstar in her early childhood. When she was only five years old she could dance, sing and act on-screen. For consecutive four years starting from 1935 to 1938, she remained box office champion beating out even famous stars such as Gary Cooper, Robert Taylor and Clark Gable.

In 1934, Shirley Temple won an Oscar at a tender age of 6. Shirley didn’t win an Oscar for a particular movie but for her extraordinary contribution as a child to the entertainment industry. Today, Shirley Temple Black is recognized as the youngest child actress to win an Oscar.


Norman Taurog

 Norman Taurog

Born on February 23, 1899, Norman Taurog was a famous actor and director. He was best known for his famous films like “Boys Town” and “Skippy”.

He was also a successful child actor in 1907. Norman Taurog was known for his direction of children and dogs. He was fond of working with children, often he awarded them chocolate bars for their good performances and in return youngsters would call him “Uncle Norman”.

Before becoming a talented director he paid his dues as editor and a prop man. In 1931 at the age of 32 years and 260 days Norman Taurog became the youngest director to win an Oscar for his famous film Skippy, in which his real-life nephew Jackie Cooper featured as child actor.