Who Or What Will Be The Next Social Media King?

What Will Be the Next Social Media King

When it comes to social media, Facebook reigns supreme with Twitter as a close second. But how long will these two juggernauts stay on top? If former king MySpace taught us anything, nothing would last forever. We wonder who or what will be the next social media king after Facebook meets its end. Predicting the… Read More »

How Facebook And Twitter Can Benefit Students

How Facebook and Twitter Can Benefit Students

Twitter and Facebook are important social networks. Today, everything is about social media so you don’t want to stay behind. They have made their way in many different fields, but in the field of education, for instance, they are just starting. Here’s how Facebook and Twitter can benefit students: The recent trend of using Twitter… Read More »

How Video Cameras Have Changed Our Lives

How Video Cameras Have Changed Our Lives

Video cameras are now so much of our lives, that it’s hard to imagine life without access to recording even the most mundane of activities. Of course, it wasn’t always like this. Here we take a look at how video cameras have changed our lives:   The History of Video Cameras Outside of professional use,… Read More »

5 Coolest Non-Humans On Twitter

Coolest Non-Humans on Twitter

Before Boo the Pomeranian became the cutest dog in the world, we never realized that animals had the ability to use social networks. Boo’s Facebook updates and pictures have become the highlight of the day for millions of users, and prove that dogs can, successfully, use a keyboard and mouse. And where Facebook succeeded, Twitter… Read More »