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15 World War II Myths Debunked

World War 2 Myths Debunked

A battle as destructive and wide-ranging as World War II naturally brings many myths that are assumed to be authentic, even if they aren’t. Most of these myths have been disproved many times, but some of them still exist as fringe conspiracies or rumors held by outsider scholars. This war was a very complicated global… Read More »

The Deadliest Warriors Of All Time

The Deadliest Warriors of All Time

Throughout history, countless combat soldiers have brought honor and pride to their forces. Of course, some types of warriors stand out for having unleashed truly amazing levels of havoc. Here are some of the most effective and deadliest warriors of all time:   3. Horse Archers Horse archers formed the basis of many formidable ancient… Read More »

The Hardest Military Recruitment Processes In The World

The Hardest Military Recruitment Processes in the World

So you once had a job interview where you were interviewed for over an hour and then had to take a number of computer and numerical literacy tests. As part of the recruitment process, your employer might even have completed a background check or asked a wide range of challenging questions. Emerging from that particular… Read More »

Most Bizarre Death Stories In History

Most Bizarre Death Stories in History

In the big wide world that we live in, there is always some kind of accident taking place in some corner of the world giving rise to various scary death stories; we see them cropping up on the news all the time, from man-made accidents to natural disasters. We have unfortunately come to expect certain… Read More »

Top 5 Greatest Underdog Victories In Military History

Top 5 Greatest Underdog Victories in Military History

Not every military battle comes out the way the numbers say it should. History is full of situations where an under-equipped, outnumbered force turns the tide on a larger and seemingly more effective one. Here are five of the greatest underdog victories in military history:   5. The Battle of Salamis, 480 BC This battle… Read More »

Top 5 Low Budget Movies That Exploded At The Box Office

Low Budget Movies That Exploded at the Box Office

Some of Hollywood’s greatest productions have come at a surprisingly low development cost, sporting budgets that – in some cases – barely even touch six digits. Proving that great movies aren’t defined by the money used to produce them, enumerated below is our comprehensive list of the top 5 low budget movies that exploded at… Read More »