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26 Jul

Fall Of Fame: The Most Iconic Falls in Film History [Infographic]

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Fall Of Fame The Most Iconic Falls in Film History [Infographic]

Whilst action movies are jam-packed with cinematic experiences, the most visually reactive way to showcase the demise of a dastardly villain is with a dramatic fall. Their selection of the most famous film plunges spans decades, genres and gives insights into the all-important distance and duration of the fall, providing more information on these stellar scenes. Read… Read More »

29 Jul

The Future of Driverless Cars [Infographic]

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future of driverless cars

You can’t watch the news or read a tech blog nowadays without some mention of driverless cars. With Google set to launch in 2018 and brands like Ford, Toyota and Nissan to follow in 2020 the autonomous car is becoming omnipresent. With 1.2 billion cars on the road at the moment (rising to 2 billion… Read More »

21 Jul

Movie Cars of the Future [Infographic]

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movie cars of the future

If you’re a massive motor-head, coupled with being a fanatic film fan, there’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a film set in the future and seeing all the cool cars they’ve designed to predict what a car will look like in the future. Even more amazing is to look back at some iconic,… Read More »