Fall Of Fame: The Most Iconic Falls In Film History [Infographic]

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 3rd, 2023
Fall Of Fame The Most Iconic Falls in Film History [Infographic]

Whilst action movies are jam-packed with cinematic experiences, the most visually reactive way to showcase the demise of a dastardly villain is with a dramatic fall. Their selection of the most famous film plunges spans decades, and genres and gives insights into the all-important distance and duration of the fall, providing more information on these stellar scenes. Here we take a look at the most iconic falls in film history:


Gandalf – Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

In arguably the most memorable scene from Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy, which is based on the classic novels by JRR Tolkien, Gandalf faces off against a fearsome creature known as the Balrog.

After seemingly conquering the beast, he is caught off guard and it drags him into a huge cavern beneath the Mines of Moria.

  • Fall Distance: 12,000 ft


Chev Chelios – Crank

Crank is a fine example of insane, high-adrenaline action. A perfect match for everyone’s favorite cockney hardman Jason Statham.

To ensure an ending no one will soon forget, the final scene has the protagonist, Chev Chelios, confront the movie’s scheming villain Ricky Verona in a helicopter. This leads to mid-air fisticuffs with both men plummeting towards the ground.

  • Fall Distance: 9,540 ft


Ma-Ma – Dredd

Ruthless drug lord Ma-Ma rules over the 200-storey Peach Trees complex in Mega-City One. Her reign is challenged when two law enforcement officers (aka Judges) arrive to investigate a murder.

She locks down the building and attempts to have them killed but this strategy backfires as Judge Dredd defeats her thugs and launches her from the roof to prevent the detonation of a failsafe explosive.

  • Fall Distance: 2,000 ft


Hans Gruber – Die Hard

In the first entry of the now iconic action franchise – NYPD Detective John McClane ends up in the right place at the wrong time. His mission, was to save an office block from a team of armed thieves.

The leader of these criminals, Hans Gruber meets his fate when – in a final confrontation with McClane – he doesn’t notice a handgun duct taped to the quipping cop’s back.

  • Fall Distance: 440 ft


Alec Trevelyan – GoldenEye

Rogue MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan is the big bad in 1995’s beloved outing for James Bond. Having defected to help a group of rogue Russians secure electromagnetic weapon satellites, things are made personal for the ex-partners. Despite putting up a good fight, he proves no match for 007, who mercilessly drops him to his doom from a large antennae relay.

  • Fall Distance: 365 ft


Richard Kimball – The Fugitive

Falsely accused of his wife’s murder and on the run from the law, Richard Kimble has certainly seen better days. The movie sees him thrown into a relentless pursuit in which he must escape capture and prove his innocence.

When he is cornered at the entrance to a storm drain by Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard, rather than give up, Kimble risks a terrifying plunge to get away.

  • Fall Distance: 226 ft


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the most iconic falls in film history

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