15 Best TV Shows Of 2022

POSTED BY Ali Raza, UPDATED ON March 2nd, 2023


7. The Sandman

The Sandman finally brought these beloved D.C. characters into live-action. The show was loved by both audiences and critics, and it already has a second season in the works. If you’re a Sandman comic fan, then you might not need any introduction to this character.

But this unique superhero has the power to control dreams—of everything that lives. So, when his imprisonment sets a chain of chaotic events, he must set out on an adventure to fix things.


6. Interview with the Vampire

Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire brought the famous author’s work to the small screen. If you’re a fan of the 1994 adaptation, then you’re surely going to love this one—as did many who saw it upon its release in October.

But, instead of following the classic route, this show brings the story of 2022’s extravagant Dubai. From there, Louis de Pointe du Lac tells the journalist Daniel Molloy about his life’s adventures throughout the 20th century.


5. Wednesday

Wednesday was perhaps the biggest surprise of the year. Many people expected this show to be a dull affair. But then the show was released, and it broke records, became the most-watched show on Netflix in 2022, and continues to trend over a month after its release.

The story takes us to Wednesday Addams, who slowly begins to control her psychic superpowers. In the process, she wreaks havoc, and chaos ensues as she tries to solve a mystery that occurred over 25 years ago.


4. Stranger Things (Season 4)

It’s a difficult year for other shows whenever Stranger Things is on the calendar. This show single-handedly pulled Netflix out of a terrible fiscal year—which should tell you the show’s star power and the love that people have for this show.

Taking up where we left things off in the 3rd season, the penultimate season of Hawkins adventures sees our heroes in different cities this time. After the events of the last season, 11 has moved to California with Joyce and Will Byers.

Whereas the remaining group tries to solve recurring murders in Hawkins. Soon, they’re led to believe it’s somehow all connected to their previous encounters with the upside down.


3. House of The Dragon

House of The Dragon was dubbed “Return to Form” for the Game of Thrones universe by many people. After a disappointing final season, people weren’t expecting a lot from their return to Westeros. However, this show delivered them some.

Stellar performances all around, an intriguing story, and, most importantly, dragons made this show a watch-worthy affair. While the show did have slow pacing in the first few episodes, things stirred up in the final 2-3 episodes, which promise a war-torn and action-filled second season.


2. The Bear

The Bear is another show that earned a 100% rating in 2022. It’s an outstanding comedy-drama that is on its way to potentially sweep the 2023 Emmy season. Moreover, it’s already renewed for Season 2, with special instructions to speed up the production.

As for the story, it’s about a young chef from Chicago. Soon, he learns of death in the family and is forced to come back home to run his family-owned small sandwich shop. The story strangles the main character Carmy in family issues, the headaches of running a business, and controlling a hot-headed staff.


1. Severance

Severance is one of the most unique stories you’ll watch all year – either in films or tv. There’s no wonder this show has earned a lot of critical acclaim from the audience, critics, and other stars in the industry.

The story’s about the process of dividing the memories of office workers into personal and professional sections through a surgical procedure. But, when things go south, the workers begin to learn more about their jobs – and, consequently, their lives.

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