15 Best Jump Scare Scenes of All Time

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON August 27th, 2019


7. Jason Surfaces (Friday the 13th)

Jason Voorhees wasn’t the main character of the original Friday the 13th movie. In the first film of the franchise, his mother, Pamela was seen hunting down camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake as her son drowned due to the negligence of counselors who were supposed to look at him.

One of the final scenes of the film featured Alice, the only surviving member of her crew, sleeping on a canoe in the middle of the lake, waiting to be rescued when a disfigured Jason emerges from the ocean and takes Alice down with her. Although it was a nightmare scene, it was highly unexpected.


6. The Painting Scene (The Conjuring 2)

The sequel to the highly acclaimed, “The Conjuring” was a horrifying film in its own right. The film was packed with nightmare-inducing supernatural creatures. To top it all, the jump scare scenes were among some of the creepiest ones.

We are talking about the painting scene, where Lorraine follows the apparition of Nun Valak into Ed’s study where a painting of her can be seen. Soon, the windows and door gets locked while a shadow slowly walks towards the portrait of Valak and immediately attacks Lorraine, once it aligns with the frame. The scene, despite of the slow build managed to catch everyone off-guard.


5. Dance With Me (Evil Dead II)

Although many people consider the Evil Dead franchise as cheesier than horror, that doesn’t mean it lacks scenes which can make you genuinely frightened.

The scene in Evil Dead II where Ash witnesses the corpse of Linda dancing in the forest, from the window, followed by her disappearing, and then suddenly emerging right outside the window and grabbing Ash, was one of those scenes.


4. The Red Demon (Insidious)

At this stage, we should just accept that James Wan is the best horror movie director of this era. The first installment in the Insidious franchise was a total package with a captivatingly dark tone and unexpected jump scare scenes.

When Josh’s mother, Lorraine visits him and tells him about a dream she had regarding a supernatural entity and its obsession with Josh’s son, Dalton, she notices a red-faced demon standing behind Josh. What makes this scene so scary is the setting and direction, where nobody could have seen the jumpy moment coming.


3. Beheading (The Exorcist III)

It’s quite surprising that one of the scariest jump scare scenes comes from a movie which wasn’t even the best one of its franchise.

The third installment in The Exorcist film series featured a heart-stopping moment when a nurse, doing her rounds during a night shift, was unknowingly been followed by a figure in a white robe with garden clippers, as soon as she came out of one of the rooms. The setting was quite disturbing, due to the scene being shot from a fairly long distance. In addition to that, the music played upon the creature’s arrival does full justice to the scene.


2. The Bed Scene (Drag Me to Hell)

Drag Me to Hell is one of the craziest horror films of all time. It is filled with scenes which will make the audience jump out of their seats.

One of the most horrifying scenes involved the main character, Christine getting interrupted in her sleep due to a house fly entering her mouth. She looks around for a while before going back to sleep, when she sees the ghost of Sylvia Ganush lying right next to her. Chances are if that scene didn’t make you jump, very few will.


1. Surprise! (Sinister)

Topping this list is a highly surprising and uncalled for scene from the first Sinister film. The scene was brief and served its purpose of scaring the audience, in the most excellent way imaginable.

Just when everyone seemed to think that the film was over, a creepy creature pops out of the blue, right in front of the lens. This scene proved why an effective jump scare doesn’t need to look fancy or require overdoing it.


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