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23 Surprisingly Highly Educated Celebrities

Surprisingly Highly Educated Celebrities

Folks! Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it a general perception that those who couldn’t perform better in their studies are the ones who intend to join the entertainment industry? The reality however is upside down. Many highly qualified and intellectual celebrities earned fame due to their passion for the entertainment industry and… Read More »

25 Deadliest Animals In The World

Deadliest Animals in the World

Distinguishing between a friendly and a deadly animal isn’t as easy as it seems, as even innocent-looking animals cause a significant number of human deaths each year. Here is a list of the 25 deadliest animals in the world concerning their number of human victims:   25. Spiders It should not be surprising to know… Read More »

18 Interesting Facts About The Oscars

Interesting Facts About The Oscars

Oscar is the most recognized trophy in the world which is a symbol of great success and honor in filmmaking. Each year these awards are presented to the most recognized contributors to the entertainment industry. Here today we are taking a look at the most interesting facts about the Oscars:   18. Youngest Oscar Winners… Read More »

15 Famous People You Never Knew Were Irish

15 Famous People You Never Knew Were Irish

Ireland has produced some of the finest names in poetry, novel writing, politics, and acting over the years. How many prominent people of Irish descent do you know of? Here is a list of 15 famous people you never knew were Irish:   15. Oliver Goldsmith (Poet and Writer) Best known for his novel The… Read More »

15 Movies With Great Endings

Movies with Great Endings

Whether writing a novel, TV series, movie, or any other form of storytelling, one thing is clear endings are hard. They can be the most interesting ones or the creepy ones, however, most of the time movie endings are hardly memorable. Today, however, are up with our list of over a dozen movies with great… Read More »

15 Weird Outdated Medical Practices

Weird Outdated Medical Practices

The process of taming has been along with man through the process of evolution since his birth. To save himself from all possible diseases, he went to the extent of using some even hilarious treatment methods. Times have changed though since this happened. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to get the treatment that works. Anyway,… Read More »